Liberty 3 Pro Answer/End Call

I can’t figure out how to answer or end calls from the liberty 3 pro. Not in the app or anything I physically try. Am I missing something or does it not allow it? Other than that I love these buds, aside from LDAC killing the battery in less than 3 hours lol so I keep my Vista 2 for back up. About to purchase the Beast Fit Pro next. I’m addicted, but I need to answer the phone I’m a truck driver I can’t always reach for the phone. Any help is much appreciated.

Normally it’s pressing the play/pause button. On mine that’s pressing the Right Earbud’s Touch Pad twice (Double Tap). I’ll try and test it out today.

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I have the same question. I tried with play/pause button (tap once right earbud on my case), it just doesn’t work. Can’t answer and can’t end call.

I actually have the opposite problem. My Pro 3’s end my call if I fumble around with them too much :-/ Any way I could turn off that feature?

I am having the same issue. It seems to answer sometimes, but not others. I haven’t been able to get it to answer with the left bud on only.

Also, is there a way for you to “hear” who is calling you, by speaking your contact entry? (Like my 10yr old Jawbone does)

I figured out mine was double tapping the left ear bud, but of course, make sure your hands are not too dry or it won’t recognise the double tap, and make sure you tap in the middle of the earbud. It would be nice of this showed up under Controls in the app, or in the help…

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Found this in the Quick Start Guide

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The issue is default multipoint headset profile response. What pleases one person - answer both - annoys another - don’t answer if already in a call.

The democratic answer is to make it a configurable setting toggle in the app. But given this is extremely niche doubt it will end up a priority.

The best suggestion is to email and make it a suggestion ask request and cross fingers.