Liberty 3 Pro - battery indicator and battery life

Hello guys!

I have recently got a pair of Liberty 3 Pro and they are amazing. However, besides the fact that these are really great headphones, I have one issue and one question. Hope someone can help me with them:

  • the battery indicator is missing on my iPhone - both in the status bar and in the widget. I do not have this problem with other Soundcore products like Q35 and Life P2 - their indicators are always there. For the 3 Pro I can only see it once - after I “forget” them and reconnect again, but when I take them out of the case for the 2nd time and any further, I only see the headphones icon without battery in the status bar and nothing at all in the battery widget.

  • the battery life - they are barely holding 2,5 hours of phone conversation in transparency mode. Can someone tell me if they have the same experience, or do I have to be concerned and ask Anker for a replacement? I do realize that phone conversation + transparency is probably the heaviest load and hence the consumption, but still 2 hours and a bit seems quite underwhelming.

Many thanks for your input in advance.

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I do not have but I will ask the obvious questions support will ask.

1…Are they up to date on firmware

  1. More recent request is to restart phone

  2. Disconnect from phone, turn off bt, reset earbuds, after reset to stop start to pair and turn on bt.

  3. Is ldac on as well? LDAC and ANC will do a big drain. I think I read it was like 3 h 30 or 3 h 45 if on

Is that the right or left? Sometimes the rt will take a bigger hit but agree 2 hours is quiet short as well

If continue, I would contact the service dept.


Hi and thanks for responding.

  1. Yes, they are up to date

  2. Have already tried.

  3. Will try, didn’t want to do the HearID over again. But I really doubt it will help… They are showing the battery status within the app. I think there is a bug in the firmware or in the way this particular model interacts with iOS.

  4. There is no LDAC on iPhone, so - no, it wasn’t on. )

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You are correct on the ldac. I was thinking out loud and gleamed over you saying iPhone. :wink:

You know, it seems to have fixed the battery indicator issue for now. Will keep monitoring it along with more “real life” battery life tests, when I get back to work next week. :slight_smile:

Thanks and Happy New Year!


The battery last only 2.5 hours for me, but I believe it is because of LDAC and ANC both on. But buying this headphones if for its LDAC and ANC. 2.5 hours is bad and the reviews all said that with both on, they can last for over 3 hours. So I don’t know if it is my headphones problem also. Can service answer our question on battery life?

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