Liberty 3 Pro Best Buds for those with Hearing Loss? (and me)


Great earbuds with incredible sound and adjustable for those with up to moderate hearing loss.


The Liberty 3 Pro earbuds are amazing and backed by a company that listens to and cares about its customer base.

I’ll talk about the earbuds:

Introduction and Background:

They are a great choice at their price-point ($130). Their value increases if you can find them for even less.

Although list price is $170, wait a few weeks a month or two - max - and you can find them discounted.

I have mild-moderate hearing loss and wear hearing aids (HA) much of the time. HA are great for day-to-day living and interacting with the world around me. For their price, (up to $6,000/pair), you might think they would blow away the best TWS. The don’t.

HA companies tend to focus on creating tiny devices that are extremely durable while being worn in very inhospitable environments all day, every day. They often provide up to a 20 band EQ focused primarily on frequencies covered by people’s speech.

Until recently, a small handful of companies have had near total control of their market. So … $6k/pair is not unusual. While insanely overpriced, this is the reality. Fortunately things are beginning to change.

While excellent for what they are designed to do, my HA are sub-par for listening to hi-fi music. Depending on the type, they’re not very good at cutting out environmental noise. To be fair, my ability to hear environmental noise is meh.

I love all sorts of music EXCEPT for music with a loud, thumping bass. I like jazz, classical, acoustic, world, blues and good ole rock and roll.

I have normal hearing for bass sounds.

Sound Quality:

The Liberty 3 Pro True Wireless Earbuds are one of the only that offer any accommodation for people like me. While they have the ability to bring out the bass, that’s not their “thing”.

Rather, they have the hardware and software that enables one to hear distinct frequency ranges clearly. When adjusted to my hearing loss and set to “acoustic” or even “default”, I can hear the detail work of the mandolin virtuoso. Those sounds buried in the mix that provide the listen with layers of enjoyment. With lesser quality audio reproduction, if you can’t distinguish the instrument, the sound adds to the texture. With quality gear, if you CAN pick out the instrument you hear the detailed conversations happening within the whole canvas of sound. A similar instrument on the other side also sounds distinct. The sounds ring without being tinny. The Liberty-3-Pro earbuds are definitely the latter. I can hear multiple voices both conversing clearly and creating texture - the way the music is supposed to sound.

The bass is rich and moves the music forward without feeling like it’s the only action happening. When listening it feels as though it’s almost other-worldly (in a good way). From experience, it can be tweaking to perfection by the user.

The Active Noise Cancellation:

It’s fine. I’ve experience better and worse. When properly tuned to your ears, it provides noticeable relief. Screaming babies still pierce the shield, but they are muted and much more tolerable. Engine growl? If you can position them just so, engine sounds disappear. Want less environment? Pick up a pair of better earplugs that will fit. With all that said, I’ve experience ear buds that create an isolation chamber with their ANC. These do not.


Okay. It depends on the shape of your ear. I’m getting 3rd part plugs to help with this as I don’t want them to fall out and roll away.

Phone call microphones:

Like the overall sound quality, the call quality is excellent - better than holding the phone up to my mouth. No one on the other end has complained (they used to). In fact, some have remarked how clear I sound, especially on video calls when there’s minimal background noise around me.

Touch Controls:

Excellent. Much better than many but I’ve seen even better implementation on more expensive bids.


It’s fine. Most of the time it works well. It’s much better than the software for my HA. While a little buggy, here and there, it gets the job done and the developers are pushing out updates. If you’re having a problem, let them know. It might be fixed by the next update.


In my opinion, with a decent pair of 3rd party replacement ear tips, these are some of the best in-ear ear-buds available besting those that cost nearly twice as much. From the other testing that I’ve done, I’d say they are easily the best currently available for less than $200.

I can’t be the only one who swaps hearing aids for ear-buds when wanting to relax to some good music. If you have hearing loss, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Even if you don’t, I’m open to positive comments and constructive criticism. Let me know what you thought of this review and - perhaps - how I can improve future efforts. Aside from writing shorter reviews. Yeah, I know it takes a bit for me to write it all out.

ps. Thanks for reading this far. If not already obvious, I’m new to this community and am still learning the ropes. I hope I’m not making a faux-pas in making the following request. If I am, please ignore. Here it is: While I know this is a little self-serving, if you got something out of my relaying my experience wearing these for a month and working out the kinks, please consider “liking” this comment (or whatever is done in these forums).

Thanks much.

NB: There may be many edits to this review, especially as I catch more typos, awkwardly worded sentences. I try to write clearly. If I significantly change content or meaning, I will mark that change clearly. Otherwise, assume content and intent are unchanged. Oh my, writing an entire review on a phone means I’ll have spend more time editing. Prepare for number of edits to climb. Content should remain unchanged.


Excelent review. Thanks for sharing it and Welcome to Community

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I forgot to comment on the transparency feature, but I’m not sure my opinion would go very far.

I will say that the ability to shift to a “vocal” transparency mode is a nice touch.

With 3 mics on each device, I hope assistive hearing (Al’s Apple AirPods Pro) is just a software update away.

I can hear enough to be aware of my environment with transparency on, but debating philosophy is a bit tricky. The transparency is sufficient for a few seconds or general environmental awareness. Otherwise, I need to swap back my HA.

So my evaluation would be: good enough but consider the hard of hearing reviewer source. :rofl:

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Welcome to the community @music2med

Nice review and very well organised. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Thanks for this, I personally find the fit , and sound of these ear buds are the best for me as well! Cost is also great. You put into a nicely written story all one would need to know!


Welcome aboard. Nice review.

PS I really like my L3P’s as well! :+1:


@Craig_Paterson, @cazzy66, @Steve976, @VertigoXX,

Thank you all for the very kind words.

Several years ago, I was a very active commenter and reviewer on a few independent sites. Sadly, those forums (fora?) went defunct as happens on occasion and my focus (and budget) went to crap. Well, my budget is still miserable, but my interest in contributing has returned.

I enjoy testing and reviewing. I try make my reviews accessible through comparisons that everyone can relate.

I have no problem using jargon as long as it is defined clearly or the basic knowledge level of the audience permits without explanation.

I enjoy reading well constructed, informative, and moderately amusing comments. While every review goes through a couple of edits once completed, correcting one’s own material to my standards and publishing it before it becomes moldy is an ongoing challenge for me. Invariably, I will feel compelled to add, correct, or clarify after I’ve posted initially.

I asked for genuine comments because I’m hoping this is the first of many reviews (I’m a fan of Anker’s stuff). I want to make sure my style and works for this group of enthusiasts. Recognizing that many folks have a 50-word attention span, I try to a TL;DR: of sorts at the top and painfully succinct.

I posted this review as the last entry in my very first thread in the Soundcore world. After noticing that Soundcore and Anker respond well to thoughtful reviews, I felt I might post here.

But I’m not actually sure where to post this review to have it officially considered for “review of the hour” (or similar accolade) assuming impartial judges deem it so. Is this the right place or is there another “primary review” venue where I should post it?

Of course, I want to abide by appropriate etiquette as well and don’t want to blast everyone with the same opinion piece.

Thanks all.

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Hi Kermit,

You basically have Thread of the Week, Member of the Week, and Photo of the Week here. They announce those on the Monday Update Thread usually found at the top of the page @music2med.

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Awesome! Thanks! Yippee!

So I’m in the correct place and, as I posted this on Tuesday, I get 7 days of delightful exposure. Or hate comments (kidding). And a little time to make corrections for clarity. I presume the “of the Week” stuff is mostly for bragging rights, but I’m good with that. Besides. I might post something in the Eufy section, too (about Eufy equipment - posting about Soundcore in the security camera forum would be strange).

Thanks again!


Well actually you get 50 points, 20 Notes, and 5 Giveaway Tickets for winning any of the above categories. :+1:

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While I’m at it, I should mention the New Music Friday thread that’s usually posted on, you guessed it Friday.

There are normally 3 Categories and if you win any of them you get 20 Points and 10 Notes per category.

That’s the Cliff Notes version on how things work here. :rofl:

Once again, Welcome to the Forum!

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Thanks much for helping me learn the ropes. I’m thrilled to be here. Clearly, you are a shepherd of the community (I’m assuming level 14 is multiple black-belt commentary). I truly appreciate the guidance.

Is New Music Friday just a friendly chat of what quality tunes have been released in the past week?

Step right up, write a thoughtful critique, get a prize!

Or is it something else?

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I love my eufy, her name is Goober! I am also over there but shhhh I stay in the wings. Actually I do pop in and out of all the Anker forums as I really like their products but to me I like this forum best. Great group of guys here from all over. I don’t really do reviews because I am not exactly a techie talk person but I enjoy reading good reviews as well as general comments here in our community. Just this past week @Craig_Paterson took us all to Sicily with him . We got to enjoy a simple minds concert through his highlights. With new music Friday our fearless ones challenge us to post best in catagories which leads me to explore new music I normally don’t listen to, I’m a hardcore rocker. My personal taste is along the lines of disturbed, avenge sevenfold, breaking Benjamin, etc but I also enjoy others sounds and genres. On Fridays look for the new music Friday post you have a week to post a song ,no double songs, and then voting is open to the forum top dog wins. Normally I vote my own but sometimes I vote for others when it’s a song I really wanted to post but someone beat me. With picture of the week it’s fun lighthearted a topic is posted ( this week it’s drive through) so you break out your products and snap away so we get to share pictures with each other. There is a monthly leaderboard based on points top 3 usually get a product prize every one else gets notes which can be used towards money off coupons. My top goal personally is maybe getting a flare. I know some of the guys who have won lp3 , lp2, minis, motion booms etc . There is a link somewhere I don’t really remember that talks about points. I just kind of got into posting because we’ll not really sure. Anyways welcome to soundcore looking forward to seeing you around here :grin:


Here, I’ll post a link to one of the older New Music Friday’s thread.

Basically on Friday you get the new categories (3). You also get to vote on the songs that people posted for the previous week’s categories (usually until Monday Morning - when the winners are announce).

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@cazzy66, @Steve976,

Well, doggone it, I’m feeling quite welcomed. This seems like quite the community that goes well beyond a group of product fansters. I am a fan of the gear, but the vibe I’m getting is much more of a community of the like-minded who came for the gear and stayed for the gab.

I’m turning into a bit of a lark, so I’ll have to finish tweaking (read: fixing typos and adding some illustrations - ooh … pictures) tomorrow morning. Hopefully, my editing window (for original review) will still be open to me as it suddenly dawned on me that it might be cool to add my absurd HearID curve and add a little more color commentary (literally and figuratively) to my post.


Kermit. (although I suppose I’m tagged with music2med for now)


Lots of love being shared in the community. I love how you have named your Eufy – Goober is such a great name!

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