Liberty 3 Pro "Best" EQ - Sugestion for Audiophiles

This EQ will use all the power from Liberty 3 Pro’s hardware with LDAC Codec. I’m really impressed how clean and neutral this sounds, guys. Don’t forget to chose files in Hi-Fi quality, I recomend Tidal + HibyMusic app to reproduce the files without compression.

-3 0 +2 +3 -1 +3 -3 -3

You’re welcome!

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Thanks for sharing. I still think the best EQ is the one that sounds best to the listener.


It differs from listener to listener.
This might be the best for you for others there are other adjustments.
Great you are satisfied with the Liberty 3 Pro.

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I have some hearing loss and distortion in different types of sounds so this setting doesn’t work out well for me but thanks for sharing

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