Liberty 3 pro clipping

Hi, i got my first pair of noise cancelling buds, liberty 3 pro, about 6 months ago. Now I have some questions about them and an issue that came about a month ago.

First i want to ask if it’s normal that with noise canceling you hear a white noice or a windy noise all the time, and is it normal that when I’m in "normal"mode on the libertys it’s a darker and almost muddy constant sound in the buds? I wasn’t expecting this and it’s really annoying ,specialty at night…

And the issue with my buds is that after 5 months with excellent connection they all of a sudden start to have problems. They don’t loose connection so I don’t find them but the sound is clipping even if I’m less than a meter from the phone.

Phone used are OnePlus 9.

I’m thankful for any help I can get


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Din’t have those so can just say that white noise with ANC on is normal.
Try to reset earbuds, delete BT connection and pair earbuds again. Sometimes it helps to solve the issues.

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I have these earbuds and can’t say I have experienced the issues you describe. I would go with what @VertigoXX suggests and see how you get on with that.

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I have those as well and I also don’t notice what you say yours are doing.

If I read your post right, you seem to be saying it started after 5 months. It that’s the case, they have an 18 month warranty. I would contact Customer Service and talk to them about it.

Hello again!
I tried what you said, resetting them and disconnected from phone and tv. I think it solved the problem… used the a couple of times yesterday evening and I had full connection… no clipping.

Thanks so much!

Steve and Craig, do you experience any noise when you put them in normal mode?or are they absolutely quiet?