Liberty 3 Pro current firmware version


What is the current version of the earbuds firmware for the Liberty 3 Pro? Why one piece has the v04.82 firmware version and the application does not see the update, and another has been updated to v04.93 firmware version?

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Yikes. Think we’ve seen this before as an update didn’t get pushed to both buds due to some previous hiccup (pairing, case grime).

ISTR once this issue has occurred no known fix.

Try ensuring no debris on buds or case, give them also a cleaning.

Plug case into power, keep it plugged in. Delete your pairing, reboot phone.

Try then the firmware update again.

If I recall correctly this can’t be fixed once it’s occurred.


I do not think I have expressed myself exactly. I have two different pieces of Liberty 3 Pro headphones and one has updated firmware to v04.93 (both pieces), and the other one still has v04.82 and the Soudcore application does not see the firmware update

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I just checked my Silver L3P, they are v04.82 and say up to date.

Edit If you just got the Update on one of your L3P, it’s highly likely we will both get it soon. Not everyone necessarily gets it at the same time.

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AHH my bad.

Sometimes they do tweaks of products and end up at different firmware lines.

I’d not worry too much.

Try resetting, delete pairing and reboot phone to “kick” an update but as the other reply here you in effect have a “future” firmware on newer buds which haven’t yet support felt a need to push global. This can happen as either they are doing a limited rollout and everyone else including your other pair will get soon, or they had a different source country.

If they are working I’d not worry and wait.

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Thank You for Answer

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New firmware update v4.96

Anyone know what improvement or bug fixes on this new 4.96?

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Improved battery life in LDAC mode

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Speaking of battery life, is there any way in soundcore app you can see battery percentage instead of normal gauge?

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Unfortunately not and I miss it very much.

I wonder why cant soundcore update the app to show the percentage? I’m sure a lot users will prefer the same.