Liberty 3 pro custom eq

Could anyone suggest some custom eq settings. Doesn’t have to boost anything specific or anything like that just good custom eq settings. Thanks.

While I’m not sure how much my EQ will help you since we all hear differently and have different tastes, but I’ll share mine. Keep in mind, it change at times depending on the recording.


Thank you man I appreciate it!

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I always try the ear test and tweak from there


This is mine for your reference :metal:


Alright thanks man I appreciate it!

I didn’t even know I could do that. Thanks man!

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I use the Hear ID function and then add the Dance preset to that. The music quality is very good…ample bass with dynamic mids and highs! I listen to a lot of orchestral/instrumental music(Piano guys :+1:), so this preset doesn’t do quite as well with voices, but still satisfactory.