Liberty 3 pro : Ear canal test issue *solved*

I just bought the L3pro. I have done the hearing test ok, but when I do the ear canal test, as soon as i hit the test button, it just stay on the same screen like nothing happen. I have waited at least 5 minutes and still nothing. The only thing i can so is to swipe back and press the test again, and this time it said test completed. This is weird, how do i know if it tested properly? Anyone else has this issue? I think there is a bug with the app? Could it be an issue with android 13?

Another question, when fully charged are those 3 white light supposed to be on all the time? Will it turn off itself? Does this thing even have the auto protection from over charging?

Note: Using S22 ultra with android 13 and one UI 5.0.

Update: I tested using my wife ipad, and the ear canal test work perfectly. This make me believe the app is not stable with android? Maybe the android 13?
I have tested using my son oppo x2 pro which stilll on android 12, and the ear cannal test work fine. So I guess there must be some issues with android 13 ?

I would report it to for the issue with the android 13 n UI 5

I have the plus version but do not have that issue but mine os not at android 13 yet.

Do not have those so unable to tell you about the lights but from most devices it should come on when you open or close the lid.

If it is constantly on, I would check with on that as well.

You may or could shoot some compressed air in the hinges. It could maybe have lint in area that trigger the case is opening or the case could be just messed up some. should be able to send a new case or more likely tell you they will replace them if under warranty

I have found a solution to this issues. Apparently diabling the animations settings on developer options caused this.

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Good to know but really does the app need to look so flashy?

Well honestly I don’t even care about the circle animation, but the app should do at least to notify or pop up message to show whether it has passed or fail. In my case it just stay there do nothing. And I still can’t figure out how the animation setting got to do with the test passing or failing???