Liberty 3 Pro Firmware Update | November 2021

On November 4th 2021, Soundcore will release a new firmware update for Liberty 3 Pro true wireless earbuds. If you’re already using Liberty 3 Pro or have just bought a pair, make sure to update its firmware to the latest version to get the best out of its features.

Liberty 3 Pro’s firmware can be updated via the Soundcore app. Connect Liberty 3 Pro to the app, and go to More Settings > Update Firmware to get the latest version.

What’s New with Firmware Version 3.58?

Transparency Mode
The performance of Transparency mode has been improved so that environmental sounds can be heard naturally.

Fully Transparent Mode: Allows external sound in while reducing low-frequency noises to allow you to maintain awareness.

Vocal Mode: Allows voices to come through clearly so you can talk with people around you without removing your earbuds.

⁣⁣⁣⁣Call Quality
⁣The noise reduction algorithm has been optimized to reduce the echo and improve call quality in very noisy environments.

Power Management
Liberty 3 Pro’s power management has been optimized to prolong the standby time. You can now use Liberty 3 Pro as noise cancelling-only buds for longer periods of time.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at



It looks like a nice little update for our l3p users.

Thanks for the update…

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Thanks for info @Hannah
It’s always nice to get updates :grinning:


Does the update address the issue of music pausing/stuttering at times?

A few people, including myself, have reported the issue.

On a chat with a Soundcore customer service person the other day, I was led to believe that the firmware update might correct the issue.


Thanks for keeping us informed @Hannah. :+1:


Thanks for the information about the new update and all the corrections made.

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Excellent news @Hannah. Looking forward to Thursday :+1:t2::clap:t2:


Will the issue with poor latency ever be addressed? Or should I just refund these?


Some had stated enabling LDAC lowered latency.

Looking forward to buying the L3P soon, but aware of the delays, hopefully this will be sorted soon :+1:

After Update: The problem (pausing/stuttering) is still there while listening spotify :frowning:
(Using a Samsung S21 5G -> no issue at other BT devices)

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Yep - for me too alas

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Someone mentioned things better with LDAC when enabled. LDAC has to be enabled in multiple places including on the the phone itself in the bluetooth connection settings.

I don’t own these particular buds but in other products I have encountered stuttering and it was due to the headphones being held back to BT 4.2 which is half the bandwidth of BT 5. I traced that back to it being connected to a BT 4.2 first (laptop) and then to a BT 5.0 phone from which I was streaming media. If I turned laptop BT off, turned buds off, waited, on, then connected to a phone, the issue went away.

BT 4.2 is 1Mbit, BT 5.0 is 2Mbit. This is the theoretical peak in reality i’s half that, so a high bitrate media where the buds have become locked to BT 4.2 will stutter. You have to ensure its a BT 5 connection.

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I personally did not have stuttering/pausing problems untill todays update, now I do…

Oneplus 6 on Android 10 (not using LDAC)

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Sometimes a reset helps kick things back to life.

So try this, see if it works.

  • Phone, delete the pairing, go to settings, apps, show system, bluetooth, force stop, storage, wipe cache (not data). Turn phone off.
  • Buds, follow reset instructions, leave buds at least a minute until all flashing lights stopped.
  • Phone on, enable bluetooth, take right bud, pair on phone, accept the L pairing.
  • see if stuttering gone.

If it’s not gone then open ticket with stated you’ve already done the above, so they know their firmware upgrade broke something so they can work asap on a fix.

Let us know what happens.

I get some stuttering issues, when I’ve gone over cap on data through streaming… seems buffering of ultra high def and Dolby atmos recordings cause a few hiccups… mind you, for my LA2Ps…

Are you finding this holds true streaming, or with recorded files?


I didn’t hear any difference in transparency mode at all.

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what happened to the beta transparency mode they had when they first released it had 3 different transparency modes?

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on Reddit I’m seeing folks saying Transparency is better.

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