Liberty 3 pro. Greatest I've owned

This is a review/idea for an upgraded version of L3pros. These are really great headphones and I love them. The amount of features and things they have to offer it’s amazing. I got these because my JLab jbuds air 2nd gen no app support we’re outdated. (Don’t know if that’s the right name I forgot lel) these L3Pros have surprised me so much. I did a lot of research between different headphones brands to choose and my choices were L3pro, pixel buds pro (since I own a pix5a), or those one popular Sony earbuds (Sony’s naming is weird). I have an idea for a upgraded l3p set. It would be cool to see a swipe function since the touch face is slightly long. It could be a cool volume function or something.

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You can always reply to

They will give suggestions to their tech folks as we have seen several suggestions become a reality. The more of similar suggestions the more likely it will happen.

So I would contact to see if it may happen in the future.

Thanks! Il give it a try and see what happens.

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