Liberty 3 Pro - Improvements for Wearing Detection & Auto Power Off

Really enjoying the Liberty 3 Pro!
However, I think a couple features could be expanded / improved:

  1. Despite Wearing Detection pausing the audio when the earphones are removed, it’s inevitable that the tap surfaces get touched, triggering controls often without being noticed. Strongly think there should be an option for tap control to be disabled when the earphones are not being worn. Is there any need for them to remain active anyway?
  2. There should be much shorter Auto Power Off times available (as short as 2 minutes). I would much rather not need to put the earphones in the case every time I take them off. OR just add another tap option (e.g. 3 taps) for turning them off.
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Glad toulike them.
Send your sugestions to Soundcore by email

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Those are some good points you make there @alex.j.nas, especially point 1. I may join you in sending an email to request that a future upgrade recognises the tap controls shouldn’t be active when not wearing.

I understand what you’re saying, but I always just put mine in their case when I take them out of my ears so it’s not an issue for me personally. They are really nice Earbuds IMHO.

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I am constantly accidentally tapping the buds and knocking the volume down (or up) depending on which bud I am removing from my ear. I think it would be pretty tricky trying to get the wear detection to shut off quickly enough to prevent this from happening.

100% agree with 1. My galaxy buds pro do this perfectly and I never accidentally use touch control on those outside of my ears.

The L3P I ALWAYS accidentally touch it when I’m taking them out, is probably one of the only issues I have with an otherwise great product :slight_smile:


It happens on earbuds independently on maker

I don’t have the same issue with the Life P3 earbuds, as I can remove them using the stalk. Not so easy to remove the Liberty 3 Pros, as they don’t have the stalk.

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