Liberty 3 Pro- Issue regarding Latency and Connection Stability

so when searching for the L3P i have seen websites who claim a high latency on the in-ears to the point that you can see the latency just by watching videos or livestreams like on twitch.
Youtube excluded although i think yt synchronizes the audio with the video so that there is no noticable lantency.
2nd i have also heard that the connection isnt stable to the point that the audio stops playing occasionally for a short period of time.

So my 2 questions are:
1st wether there is still a latency issue when watching videos or livestreams or did it get fixed by an update?
2nd is there is connections issues or did they get fixed by an update?

I am sorry if this is sth. that was asked before but i could not find any topic that covered this.
Thanks for helping

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I don’t have those so can’t help. Hope other community members will respond you soon.

I live in a Rural Area in NE PA and don’t have any connection issues. I think with Bluetooth if you live in a heavily congested city, you might suffer some issues because of interference, but I don’t suffer any.

I don’t notice latency, but I mainly use mine to listen to music. If latency is a big deal to you, maybe look for something with aptX LL. Like I said, it hasn’t been a problem for me, but it’s mostly music and YouTube.

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Connection:Inverse square law.

It’s not so much rurality but the urbanity.

Commuting is a high density situation, each bluetooth and Wifi device is emitting 2.4Ghz and each human is absorbing it.

Latency: compression + decompression. If the media is already compressed then the transmission is adding little latency, but if the source is having to recode, it is adding latency. Decompression (the earphones) is a function of the CPU, which is speed and if done in h/w or s/w.

If latency is an issue for you then look at your source and codecs. Experiment.

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My setting is LDAC
Below for your reference

  1. Unnoticed for watching movies. But yes for speedy bass guitar music playing on YouTube

  2. Happen from time to time but rarely. Once every three to five times, everytime I play music at least for one hour

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Nice and easy reply

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I’m beginning to see enough threads of the hardware being unable to keep up with CPU and radio load of LDAC, and the teardown of the A2 NC+ is creating a twinkle in my eye there’s a L3P+ swapping the BES for something else.


Personally I don’t think the buds CPU is the cause here, I think it’s the source recoding and/or the antenna cause packet drops retransmits and so a stick bud format like a “L3P” successor to an older product is worth exploring.

Wavelength for 2.4Ghz is 12.5cm so optimal length for the above design is at least twice what is inside the bud, so a long antenna outside of the body would have a less hostile environment.

Tough being an engineer I guess with all the owners asking for improved audio quality and shrink the buds. My everyday buds are the Slim wired where the antenna is in a long stick outside the body, and if I have that stick opposite side of body from source I get cutouts around 15ft from source and if I turn around it improves so I know this a real effect of the human body being an absorber of Bluetooth signals.

End of musings.

Process of elimination.

There’s four steps , the source has to recode from original format into LDAC, then transmitted, the buds then receive and then process LDAC into sound.

So there’s 4 places that latency can be inserted, which in some combinations you can detect. It’s not necessarily the buds majority of latency. So I’d suggest try a different source, and explore different codecs. LDAC has auto mode or fixed to 990 660 330.

If the environment is unable to keep up with the required bitrate you’ll get packet retransmission which will insert latency and dropouts, then eventually if in auto mode then higher retransmission will trigger downgrade to lower bitrate. So explore your codec settings.

I do though have a concern that this bud form factor will have a more hostile environment for radio reception, the antenna is nearer to the body and necessarily is short. The optimal antenna length is 3cm dipole and a stick format has more scope for longer antenna.

Only the Soundcore engineer will truly know what’s going on.

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This is technically too advance for me to understand :sweat_smile:
My concern is only battery life n functionality, so far beyond my expectations n I’m 300% satisfied with this L3P


I too found this tear down site, the other night, was some pretty in depth and complete run down / through of all the bits and bobs.

Nice share :slightly_smiling_face:

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So you don’t yet own? There’s two owner feedback above.

What I’m speculating is if the L3P can be improved soon, I’m concluding from musings from evidence probably not but a different shaped bud design may be improved.

Fascinating isn’t it?

Wao, I wonder which area soundcore can improve since this L3P is perfect for me.
I have a pair n hopefully this can last another 5 years :sunglasses:

It’s good you’re happy!

How fast is the L3P successor release is a function of how many complaints, if hardly any complaints then implies perfect and so don’t change.

If enough are saying the latency is too high then a L3P+ with faster SoC would help.

I can spend time comparing SoC and find what’s possible. Is the BES2500YP better or worse than the WUQI WQ7033A?

What’s in L3P:

Example alternative from A2 NC+

More probable earlier is a LA2P successor.