Liberty 3 Pro issues from retail unit

Just got my 3 Pro and found a few issues

  1. Firmware 03.36 showing as latest in app but didn’t allow me to enable LDAC so stuck with aac
  2. Hear ID took 2 or 3 goes before i could complete. Sometimes didn’t play sound or got stuck
  3. ANC test took several goes as that just locked up the app or disconnected the buds from my phone. Crash maybe?

My unit is from Amazon UK so this is retail

My phone is Samsung galaxy s21 ultra running latest firmware on Android 11. Latest soundcore app from play store

Fastest is put in email

In email including proof of purchase and email. Never put either of those here as it’s Internet readable.

They read email far faster than here. Their email response <24 hours their community response < 4 days. Friday now so email is critical for a quick reply.

And yes, the fact they link in their app to community they do not read, is an issue to the side. Marketing and support banging heads.

You have something unique going on as reviews show LDAC enabled. e.g.

Agree with @The_Professor. Although @winfred does roam around.

We do not have as we wait for the kinks to be worked out first.

If similar to other buds, I think Ldac is located on the cog wheel of the BT area for those earbuds

This is the Liberty air 2 pro. A guess on that question

Nope – for the Liberty 2Pro+ you had to do it in the soundcore app – just never showed the option in bluetooth until you did.

This is a video of trying to enable it in the app – i’m tapping the little radio button next to the LDAC option and it just pops up saying you need to update software but there’s no update

And for reference i’ve asked Soundcore via:
Twitter, Instagram, facebook, this forum, email

Tying these together

Support is on it, known issue.

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@Duane_Lester Sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that we’ll contact our related team to double confirm the issue for you at our earliest.

Hello, we appreciate your support on Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro. In this case, please open the Soundcore APP, and download the latest firmware version directly to see how it works.

If it doesn’t help, no worry, please reach out to "" by detailing the issue, our technical support will help you further. We always stand behind your product and are ready for help.

Yeah. Issue is resolved in that area with the update
Still a slight issue in the 2 hearing tests. Tend to have to do that 2 times to get it to complete


Glad your issue solved.

Received my L3P’s yesterday…so far, I have run into a couple issues:

  1. Transferring between devices when using multipoint. It seems to be a bit clunky as there is a delay in the audio after switching to a device.

  2. For some reason, I can successfully pair them to my laptop (Dell Precision 3551), but I’m not getting any audio from the laptop.

Do you think it is like this?

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You nailed it!!! Thank you so much…I’ve wanted so much for them to be perfect and now they are. Multipoint functionality was the only issue I was having, now it’s working seamlessly.

So after reading your Q30 review, I went back and un-paired/re-paired my L3P’s with my laptop and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As suggested in your review, when re-pairing, this time I paired my laptop 1st, then my phone…worked immediately! I can now switch back and forth with no issues, even taking calls while connected to my laptop. Hopefully, Soundcore can possibly address this with future updates, or like you stated in your review, this may just be the hand we’re dealt in having to follow this process in order to get the different BT versions to work together. Thanks again!!

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I figured they used similar hardware within.

To do multipoint between different bluetooth versions you must either:

  • use an older bluetooth version chipset so every connection is always the older version, or
  • use a chipset which is more expensive capable of running two versions concurrently.

They don’t appear to have done either for these hence why the suggestion.

Good it worked out for you but as you move around, you may find the connection sequence gets swapped so you may have to disconnect from both, turn buds off / on and connect to the oldest first again to make it work again.

I do not think you need to delete pairings once it’s working, you may just need to disconnect, off/on , connect in sequence.

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