Liberty 3 Pro | Let’s Get Technical

Liberty 3 Pro has been out for a couple of months now so today I’m sharing a refresher on some of its coolest features for anyone who is new around here or wants to learn more!

What’s the Difference Between ACAA and ACAA 2.0?
ACAA is our proprietary dual coaxial driver technology which first appeared in Liberty 2 Pro. Here’s an introduction to the original ACAA driver technology:

Like the first generation, ACAA 2.0 has a dynamic driver and balanced armature driver integrated into a co-axial structure, but thanks to upgraded components and structural design, our engineers have been able to shrink down the size without sacrificing sound quality.

In addition to the overall smaller dimensions, there are some new upgrades:

:arrow_right: A new flexible bracket and cross bracket structure aligns the drivers and the front chamber on the same axis for zero distortion.

:arrow_right: The front chamber has been reduced in size by 30%.

:arrow_right: Upgraded tuning delivers more precise sound, deep and punchy bass, a mid-range which has been enhanced by 150%, and 460% more treble.

Here’s what some of our GRAMMY winning audio producers have to say about their experience listening to Liberty 3 Pro:

“The sound is clear and precise, with excellent stereo image, weight and depth.”
Simon Goggerly, GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

“Honest reproduction of the sonic identity of each song, excellent definition and stereo field without loss of the finest details.”
Daniel Ovie, 2-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

“The flexibility and customisation of the Liberty 3 Pro has meant I can almost replicate the feel of my studio when out and about. The low and lower-mid frequencies feel clear and defined whilst the mid to higher end is sharp, without being brittle and limited.”
Philip Larsen, GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

HearID ANC | Personalized Noise Cancelling
Active noise cancelling was a highly requested feature for the next generation of Liberty Pro earbuds, but we wanted to find a way to make the ANC stand out. As many of you know, Liberty 2 Pro were the first Soundcore earbuds to feature HearID technology which creates a tailored EQ for your hearing profile. For Liberty 3 Pro, we have expanded HearID to adapt the noise cancelling to your ears. The test discovers how noise travels and changes within your unique ear physiology and uses the data to create a unique profile just for you.

To make noise cancelling more comfortable, Liberty 3 Pro also boasts an adaptive mode that can automatically adjust the level of noise reduction based on noise levels in your environment. The benefit? In-ear pressure is taken into account so that your ears don’t get so fatigued while noise cancelling is turned on.

And talking of comfort…

Fusion Comfort—The Ultimate Wearing Experience

Air Pressure Relief
Because relieving air pressure was so important for Liberty 3 Pro’s active noise cancelling, our industrial designers added an air-pressure relief structure into Liberty 3 Pro’s front chamber to allow air to flow in and out freely. This reduces the uncomfortable sensation that’s often associated with noise cancelling.

Extensive Research on Ear Anatomy
Painstaking research, ear anatomy models, and 100s of tests inspired our industrial designers to create a triple-point ergonomic design for the earbud to ensure it’s comfortable for virtually any shape or size of ear.

Tailored Accessories
Another key part of Fusion Comfort is the accessories. As you know, Soundcore likes to give you multiple sizes of accessories and Liberty 3 Pro is no different. In the box, you’ll get 4 different sizes of liquid silicone ear tips and air-filled ear wings that flex to fit along the ridge of your ear. Once you’ve picked out the perfect combination for you, go to the Soundcore app and take the Fit Test to confirm that you’re getting a great seal and secure fit.

What’s your favorite feature on Liberty 3 Pro?

  • ACAA 2.0 Driver Technology
  • HearID ANC
  • Fusion Comfort
  • It’s Too Difficult to Choose!

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Completely phenomenal! Extremely comfortable & incredible sound quality.

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Very impress with the tech inside these guys. Definitely want to upgrade to these.

Been looking to get these for a while so they are the new thing I’m trying to save up for. It’ll probably take me a while to get there but slow and steady wins the race. Really great post love learning more about these earbuds

You can tell that of all the little tweaks that was made based on the information. In the picture contest,

I am not sure if it was noticed on the day 4 can you find them all thread but on the ear tips, it looked like a soundcore d was located on the ear tip. I thought that was cool as well. The little things to specialized them can be seen.


This is a truly amazing Soundcore product :clap:.
I have read carefully all the information gathered here.
Too bad the price is not close to that of the Liberty 2 Pro :joy:

Absolutely amazing sound, don’t need anything else to listen quality in the music! Don’t regret a bit the money I spent on these headphones, in spite the fact that I was a little bit doubtful when I bought it!:+1::star::star::star::star::star:

Great product.

Can’t wait to upgrade

These are great Earbuds. I really like them! :+1:

Everything I see let’s get technical, I want to start singing let’s get physical. :rofl: