Liberty 3 Pro Multipoint Issues

Greetings, all. I was looking for a support link and look where I ended up…I have searched the site and have seen one similar issue, but here we go:

One of the reasons I got my hands on the L3P buds was the advertised multipoint capability. I would like to use them connected to my work PC and my phone. My work PC is a Dell using Bluetooth 5.1 running Windows 10. My phone is an iPhone 12 (using BT 5.0) with the latest version of iOS.

No problems connecting to my phone, I can even connect to my personal laptop (uses BT 4.2 and MacOS Monterey) simultaneously with my phone. I am in near-constant meetings, so I would like to use the L3P as my headset during said meetings with my work laptop and still maintain connectivity to my phone. Yes, I am careful to make sure that I am only connecting to a max of two devices at a time.

I cannot get any sound on my work PC. Well, I did once…after I did a factory reset and paired with the work laptop first. Once I started pairing with other devices, it stopped working with the work laptop. I have tried again and now cannot get it to connect at all, even after a factory reset and connecting to the laptop first.

The laptop recognizes the pairing and recognizes that the buds are connected and I hear the tell-tale connection tone in the buds themselves. I choose them in the Windows 10 dialog and/or in the meeting dialog as appropriate. No matter what I do – no sound through the L3P. Then it will sometimes get flaky on the phone, but I can usually reset/reboot/re-pair my way out of it.

Other details: I am using the latest firmware (3.71) and the latest version of the app on the phone.

The buds sound great, but the app and firmware do not seem to be ready for prime-time. Can someone please advise? Happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks.

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Did you delete all the setting info on the phone, laptop and PC.
So you could start from the real “beginning”.
I’m sure you did a reset on the earbuds.

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I did. Thanks for responding!


There is a multitude of threads for various headsets and earbuds and windows issues on the community.

Unfortunately the list of answers is equally as long.

Biggest one typically is to source native BT driver for you computer replace the windows driver…

Could also be permissions and mic access if using teams.

While I don’t have the 3s, I do have the liberty air 2 pros. And using on teams, the hands free tends to crap out as well…

Sooooo I cheat a bit, in that I do a custom setting where I use my headphones as the listening part (stereo), and utilize the laptop mic for speaking. Not ideal, but functional.

I also have done one earbud paired to iPhone and one paired to laptop, but still use laptop mic for speaking.

Have a quick search for windows Bluetooth on here and you may find more items to help.

A good write-up of your local issues. Yes we get a lot of “Windows 10 + other” don’t work well together. Yes a delete all pairings, reset buds, pair with PC first and then stop there, is known to work. Yes we know connecting to oldest version of Bluetooth works better.

As your phone is BT 5 and your PCis BT5.1 I’d suggest the following sequence of steps.

One-off setup:

  • delete the phone’s pairing, turn the phone’s BT off.
  • delete the PC’s pairing, turn the PC’s BT off.
  • reset the buds. Leave them in the case for at least 10 minutes. This seems to help do a true reset (for some reason).
  • PC BT on, pair with PC. Test works. Turn PC BT off (but don’t delete pairing)
  • Put buds in case, close case, wait 10 minutes.
  • Phone BT on, pair with Phone.
  • Test works. Based on what you’ve done already, this should fail but fingers crossed.

Each time you begin working as you wanted (PC+Phone).

  • begin buds in case for at least 10 minutes, PC and phone bluetooth off.
  • buds out of case, turn Phone bluetooth on, connect
  • PC BT on, let it connect
  • Test if works. This one connects the oldest BT first

Yes the fact multipoint doesn’t work well, for me it is not that they don’t work well, but they claim it has multipoint and launched a product with so little testing the claim was there at launch when obviously it is not true in a common requirement. So bad testing, bad claim, as multipoint is difficult in hardware.

Having the same issue as yours. the audio switch between phone and pc is annoying where you have to do all the pairing again. I’m just using it as normal earbuds without multipoint.

Hopefully they will fix this on the next update if it’s possible.

I found that multipoint doesn’t work when it is on LDAC, but as soon as you change that sound setting it works flawlessly.

Believable, there was a thread about Sony Walkman and LDAC implying the LDAC implementation is funky, e.g. only works when connected to Android, so believable LDAC won’t work with multipoint.

I think it just brings forward a hardware revision so a L3P+ , or even a revision quietly we figure out with differing firmware versions, and to the LA2P.

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I have found the same thing with LDAC enabled, multipoint won’t work where one of the devices doesn’t support LDAC but the other does. Multi-point works fine when the headphones are in combined mode though

Appreciate the update on the LDAC and interesting as well.