Liberty 3 Pro mute mode problem with iPhone


When iPhone is muted with the mute button, the earpiece does not signal the call at all, but is completely silent as if no call had been made.

Very annoying mistake.

Exactly the point would be if the iPhone is muted from even the earpiece to indicate that they are calling.

If the mute key is not on but there is a sound on the phone, it will also ring in my ear.

This I think is a software bug, because if it were that way, it would be great bullshit at the altar. Another soundcore in the family indicates even if the iPhone is muted. So I think this feature is flawed on the Liberty 3 Pro.

Also tested with three different iPhones.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?,mute%20or%20unmute%20a%20call.

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Don’t have those. I would suggest to report it to
Hopefully update will fix it

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Ask the support.
They will help you.

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