Liberty-3-Pro really love my iPhone 8+

They have attachment issues. I never new inanimate objects could develop emotional issues - and so soon.

I kid, but there actually is something going on and would like some guidance about how to fix.

I’ve had my L3P for a week. Overall, excellent earbuds but till putting through paces.

One hiccup is that they spontaneously connect with my iPhone 8+, even when the earbuds are charging in their case.

I use the earbuds interchangeably with other devices and want the L3P to disconnect from all devices when they’re in their charging case.

I’m trying tackle one issue at a time while still within 30-day return.

If this question has be asked and answered, please refer me to the appropriate thread.


Best would be to contact the support

Send email to

Does closing the lid help?

If I do I usually fall asleep. :grinning:
Lid (German) = eyelid.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m creating a list of “questions for support”. This has been added to it.

Another is why one earbud seems to be draining consistently faster than the other. Again, these are nearly brand new.

These earbuds have so much potential. I want to love them and see how Anker/Soundcore is able to improve on them.

I’ve never had mine connect to anything while charging in the case with the top closed.

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Some Soundcore buds rely on the case being open/close to decide if buds on/off. So ensure case is closed.

One bud draining faster than other is normal as one bud is master hosting the microphone. Solution is to alternate which bud you take out of case.

Thanks for the tip about which earbud drains faster.

Just so I understand what you’re saying:

If I let them recharge, fully, overnight, the the first earbud (R or L) that I remove from the case will be the home of the “master” microphone? I understand that both mics are working, but it would make sense that one of the pair does the heavier lifting in terms of computing, etc.

Then next time they go into the case, they reset?

If left in the case long enough to recharge fully, the cycle restarts when removed from the charging case with the “first removed” using a little more power than the second removed?

This actually makes complete sense to me. I just wanted to make sure I understand what you’re saying.

I don’t own these buds so I’m extrapolating from other similar buds

You put in case, close lid, wait. Then open case and alternate which bud comes out first.

No both buds microphones are not used, only one is, for transmission to phone for voice control, smart words, calls. Multiple microphones may get used for ANC or ambient.