Liberty-3-Pro really love my iPhone 8+

They have attachment issues. I never new inanimate objects could develop emotional issues - and so soon.

I kid, but there actually is something going on and would like some guidance about how to fix.

I’ve had my L3P for a week. Overall, excellent earbuds but till putting through paces.

One hiccup is that they spontaneously connect with my iPhone 8+, even when the earbuds are charging in their case.

I use the earbuds interchangeably with other devices and want the L3P to disconnect from all devices when they’re in their charging case.

I’m trying tackle one issue at a time while still within 30-day return.

If this question has be asked and answered, please refer me to the appropriate thread.


Best would be to contact the support

Send email to

Does closing the lid help?

If I do I usually fall asleep. :grinning:
Lid (German) = eyelid.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m creating a list of “questions for support”. This has been added to it.

Another is why one earbud seems to be draining consistently faster than the other. Again, these are nearly brand new.

These earbuds have so much potential. I want to love them and see how Anker/Soundcore is able to improve on them.

I’ve never had mine connect to anything while charging in the case with the top closed.

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Some Soundcore buds rely on the case being open/close to decide if buds on/off. So ensure case is closed.

One bud draining faster than other is normal as one bud is master hosting the microphone. Solution is to alternate which bud you take out of case.

Thanks for the tip about which earbud drains faster.

Just so I understand what you’re saying:

If I let them recharge, fully, overnight, the the first earbud (R or L) that I remove from the case will be the home of the “master” microphone? I understand that both mics are working, but it would make sense that one of the pair does the heavier lifting in terms of computing, etc.

Then next time they go into the case, they reset?

If left in the case long enough to recharge fully, the cycle restarts when removed from the charging case with the “first removed” using a little more power than the second removed?

This actually makes complete sense to me. I just wanted to make sure I understand what you’re saying.

I don’t own these buds so I’m extrapolating from other similar buds

You put in case, close lid, wait. Then open case and alternate which bud comes out first.

No both buds microphones are not used, only one is, for transmission to phone for voice control, smart words, calls. Multiple microphones may get used for ANC or ambient.

See update at bottom:

Thanks for the explanations.

The connection appears to be solved - for now, at least.

They disconnect once back in the case, properly seated, and the lid closed. They reconnect when going in reverse.

Battery life appears worse than expected, but I need to take a few days to properly test them.

Still unable to answer phone calls directly which is annoying. I have reverted the touch controls to a slight variation of the preset suggestions - a single tap on either side has been completely disabled .


Just off the phone with customer support. I’m a nobody. No review channel or anything like that. They were incredibly thoughtful and I was able too resolve all of my current questions and concerns.

I can’t same I’m surprised. Most companies are not so easy too speak with, but this is Anker. The call and outcome were both excellent!


Sounds like they are having a secret love affair lol, but seriously like said by a few close the lid when charging it does help

Customer service is always helpful.

I finally feel comfortable with my L3P to offer an educated opinion:


Great earbuds backed by a reliably solid company that cares about its customer base.


As I’ve waxed poetic about the company, I’ll talk about the earbuds:

They are a great choice at their price-point ($130). Their value increases if you can find them for even less.

Although list price is $170, wait a few weeks a month or two - max - and you can find them discounted.

I have mild-moderate hearing loss and wear hearing aids (HA) much of the time. HA are great for day-to-day living and interacting with the world around me. For their price, (up to $6,000/pair), you might think they would blow away the best TWS. The don’t.

HA companies tend to focus on creating tiny devices that are extremely durable while being worn in very inhospitable environments all day, every day. They often provide up to a 20 band EQ focused primarily on frequencies covered by people’s speech.

Until recently, a small handful of companies have had near total control of their market. So … $6k/pair is not unusual. While insanely overpriced, this is the reality. Fortunately things are beginning to change.

While excellent for what they are designed to do, my HA are sub-par for listening to hi-fi music. Depending on the type, they’re not very good at cutting out environmental noise. To be fair, my ability to hear environmental noise is meh.

I love all sorts of music EXCEPT for music with a loud, thumping bass. I like jazz, classical, acoustic, world, blues and good ole rock and roll.

I have normal hearing for bass sounds.

L3P are one of the only TWS that offers any accommodation for people like me. While they have the ability to bring out the bass, that’s not their “thing”.

Rather, they have the hardware and software that enables one to hear distinct frequency ranges clearly. When adjusted to my hearing loss and set to “acoustic” or even “default”, I can hear the detail work of the mandolin virtuoso. Those sounds buried in the mix that provide the listen with layers of enjoyment. If you can’t distinguish the instrument, the sound adds to the texture. If you CAN pick out the instrument you hear the detailed conversations happening within the whole canvas of sound. A similar instrument on the other side also sounds distinct. The sounds ring with being tinny.

The bass is rich and moves the music forward without feeling like it’s the only action happening.

The ANC: It’s fine. I’ve experience better and worse. When properly tuned to your ears, it provides noticeable relief. Screaming babies still pierce the shield, but they are muted and much more tolerable. Engine growl? If you can position them just so, engine sounds disappear. Want less environment? Pick up a pair of better earplugs that will fit. With all that said, I’ve experience ear buds that create an isolation chamber with their ANC. These do not.

Fit: Okay. It depends on the shape of your ear. I’m getting 3rd part plugs to help with this as I don’t want them to fall out and roll away.

Phone call microphones: No one on the other end has complained (they used to). In fact, some have remarked how clear I sound, especially on video calls when there’s minimal background noise around me.

Controls: excellent. Much better than many but I’ve seen even better implementation on more expensive bids.

Software: more functional than buggy and getting better.

Conclusion: In my opinion, with a decent pair of 3rd party replacement ear tips, these are some of the best TWS available besting TWS that cost nearly twice as much.

ps. Thanks for reading this far. I wanted to post my general review somewhere and the thread I started seemed as good a place as any. While I know this is a little self-serving, if you got something out of my relaying my experience wearing these for a month and working out the kinks, please consider “liking” this comment (or whatever is done in these forums).

Thanks much.

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