Liberty 3 Pro resonating tone

I have noticed when covering the outside metallic mesh with my finger and when completely sealing earbud’s output canal either by pressing with my finger gently towards my ear or by sealing it outside my ear, I hear a resonating tone same to the ones that being heard when a microphone gets too close to its output speaker when its receiving constant input…
The noticed issue can be reproduced as much as I want by just fulfilling the conditions mentioned above and only to the right ear piece!
I am wondering if this considered as a faulty product that requires replacement before the warranty expires ?!
could anyone of the Liberty 3 Pro owners reproduce this issue? or support reps. to answer this?

Thank you

Sorry, I have just tried with my Liberty 3 Pro and cannot replicate. I would email if no-one else comes back to you here with better news.


Mine don’t do that either. I agree with @Craig_Paterson, I’d contact Customer Support.


Hi, @daderassi Sorry to learn about the issue with your Liberty 3 Pro earphones. To better confirm the issue, is the position your finger is covering the speaker or a filter on the back of the headset? Please tell me more details so we can help you further. I will be more than happy to help once we confirm the situation.

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@May.liu I figured it out precisely, it happens only to the right earbud and only when covering the eartip’s exit (part where enters the ear and only in either ANC or transparency modes… nothing happening in normal mode…

Thanks for confirming that. Our colleague has already replied to you via email. Please follow your email information. We will resolve the issue quickly.

@May.liu Your collegue did not help at all except apologizing and feeling sorry for the faulty product that Anker produced so case is not close…
Maybe Anker’s support should learn how to treat customers with faulty products made by Anker from another companies like Logitech which I bought a headset not directly from their website but from a 3rd party reseller and during the course of 2 years guarantee they replaced my headset 2 times due to issues in them…
On the other hand Anker does not support it’s own product just because it was not sold directly by them WHAT A SHAME!

Although I attached pictures of the earbuds + receipt copy, yet they answered me with that lame sterile response…
Maybe asking why not processing the replacement from place of purchase? I tried but they were not allowed to claim the product as they won’t be able neither repair nor replace it.
Thats why I am facing this impotent loop of lameness…

I completely understand how frustrating this must be for you.

According to the agreement between Anker and our certified resellers, the resellers are responsible for fulfilling the warranty for products of ours that they sell. After checking the ticket, I found that or colleagues are helping you with your problems. She have also forwarded your email to our local sales team.

If you have any further questions, you can still contact us by email and we will help you as much as possible.

I sent the local reseller responsible for soundcore products in Turkey and they returned it as it is + smudges everywhere on the earbuds.
your aftersale services are not acceptable outside the US.

I am in UK, outside US, and after-sales support is excellent.

Obviously an issue for your chosen reseller in Turkey.

I suggest being precise to critique the reseller and not Anker.

Kudos for you. Here they suck, after 2 weeks of waiting nothing happened except wasting the warranty period

Are there any possibilities to “tell” your opinion about this reseller by valuations?
(Google etc,)
If so, I would tell the reseller that you have this in mind. :grin:

There are many opportunities to do this in the internet.

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Yet non of them is viable locally so whats in my mind doesn’t matter, instead of “tell” whats in my mind I am contacting the manufacturer and their support team yet they give me “my hands are tied” answers which is inconvenient for a manufacturer imo. instead of giving me irresponsible answeres, they could contact their local representative to help me furthermore in this issue but they choose to handle their products like 2nd grade companies or some sort of cheap kickstarters…

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i Have never had an issue with Anker or Soundcore as far as returns for faulty items, but then again I deal directly with them on sales. I have had to return items because of faults very rarely and always found them extremely helpful and excellent customer service. I have had an issue when I bought an item at a retailer was told I had to deal with them bought my product back and got a full refund after some speaking with a store manager. After the hassle I learned and only bought direct. It is not soundcore or anker its the 3rd party retailer with who you should be upset because they are the ones letting you down. I get the frustration but legally their hands are tied , the retailer signed an agreement that they will cover the warranty if Soundcore or Anker help you fantastic if not let it be a lesson, I can tell you this I own several and know many who do as well and Anker products are great.

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I have been contacting their local company anker-tr for a replacement and eventually when I got a replacement that was scratched and had the left bud flawed marking them by anker as new ones. I contacted one of their soundcore manager who was just representing appreciable apologies and an awesome breath taking “VIP” discount on my next beta product that ai will never buy… That’s it! That is what all they can do as a manufacturer and sourcer for anker products…
Great company for the common cattles!
So are you?

Its not a reseller its anker-tr that I am dealing with, supposed to be anker so it is not a reseller fyi