Liberty 3 Pro Right Ear Bud faulty connection?

Hey guys. I have my Liberty 3 Pro’s for a week now and the right ear bud always struggles to pair. when opening the box the left ear bud light blinks, but the right one doesn’t. only after moving it several times it starts blinking and connecting.

anyone knows if this is common or should I just return them?

I don’t own these but I’d say this is rare.

I’d delete phone pairing, follow the buds reset instructions, then pair and see if fixes.

If doesn’t then we can probe more deep into fixing methods.

Hi there. I did delete the pairing and pressed the reset button. When doing the reset, only the left earbud light blinks, the right one doesn’t. Only after fidgeting with the position of the right earbud, or pressing it down a bit then it blinks.

I know that it does charge as the battery is full and I have listened to music with both ear buds. but occasionally only the left works when pairing.

Clean the pins with isopropyl alcohol.

If you look closely you may see a pin is recessed relative to the other pins. If so then repeat cleaning til it’s the same height.

If that doesn’t fix it then email

The pins of the box or the earbud? I will see if I have some alcohol home or i’ll buy some. Thank you so much for your quick replies :slight_smile:

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Clean the flat pins recessed on the buds.

Clean the protruding pins in the case and see if the side of the bud not working so well are the same height as the working side.

Thank you. I will do that once I get home from work. I will let you know how it goes :slight_smile: Thank you so much

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Hi there. One of the pins in the case (on the right side) isn’t the same height as the others.

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Clean repeatedly, that may fix it, but more likely it’s a warranty claim. I think I’ve seen that fault before a bit of glue come loose in the case so the pins not fully protruding.

thank you for your reply. I just really didn’t want to have to send them back and spend so much time without earbuds. But if the pin doesn’t protrude properly I guess I have no choice

Depends on your country. Some countries they’ll send you a replacement on promise of you will post back original, sometimes they send new and say keep/discard original. Ask at least.

Will do. I live in Portugal by the way. If they would send just the case that would be great cause the buds work, it’s just the pin issue