Liberty 3 Pro ringing sound on Left earbud

I just purchased Liberty 3 pro earbuds 2 days ago. Since the first day of use, there is a ringing sound in the left earbud. Currently, on the third day, the sound is constantly there. And I mean a constant, sharp, ear-piercing, high-pitched sound. This happens when on either Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode, whether playing music or not. On the first day, the sound seems to clear when I fiddle and press on the thin part of the earbud (the neck part). However, right now its always there. The earbuds are now totally unusable
PS: The app updated the software immediately after purchase. Currently at 04.96.
Is this a software or hardware issue because pressing on the “neck part” seems to affect the sound, yet it only happens only in Noise Cancellation or transparency mode.

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Reset and if still an issue contact as it seems like a bad pair.