Liberty 3 Pro self defined action (Volume Down) not working properly

I have configured my left earbud with Single tap = Vol Up; tap and hold 2s = Vol Down.
Vol. down works when playing music on 3rd party app (e.g. Spotify, YouTube). However, Vol. down does not work during a active phone call or in zoom meeting.
Vol. up working in all case.

P.S. after further testing, only vol up is working, all other self defined actions for single tap, double tap, 3 taps, tap and hold for 2s are NOT working.

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Don’t have those so can’t check. I suggest to contact customer support by email

Hello, I am so sorry to learn about the issue with your Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro during your usage.

Please know the touch settings are mainly for the music. During the call, only the single touch with the volume up/down setting works, and double-tap is default to pick up the call or hang up, and long hold 2s is to reject the call.

If the other touches of your Liberty 3 Pro do not work, please try to upgrade the firmware to the latest version (3.75/4.75) to see if it helps at all. You could also reset your earphones and test it again to see how it works.

If those troubleshooting doesn’t help, please send an email to "" by detailing the issue and your order information, our Soundcore technical support will take care of your case as soon as possible.

Be assured that we provide a hassle-free warranty for any manufactory-related issues, as well as lifetime technical support.

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