Liberty 3 pro vs 2 pro

Hi all, I owned a pair of liberty 3 pro. I plan to give it to my best buddy as a gift n plan to buy liberty 2 pro myself to save a couple buck.

Can anyone confirm the following for me in 2 pro:

  1. hearID test available
  2. EQ tuning available for left n right individually in hearID
  3. LDAC supported
  4. Sound quality difference not significant

Thanks in advance for above clarification :pray:

There’s two versions of L2P, the original was AptX, the successor was LDAC , I think its called “upgrade” version, easy to tell difference.

I not owned either but I read reviews and I’d say I got an impression some found L3P sounded better, some said L2P sounded better, they differ in fit quite a bit.

There’s plenty here who won / bought both who can reply authorative experience.

As far as I remember @Steve976 has L3P and L2P

Sorry, I only have the L3P, so unable to provide a comparison.

I have the L3P and L2P+ (Upgraded). I don’t however have the L2P.

I can say with certainty that the L2P don’t have LDAC. The L2P+ and L3P do.

If you need LDAC, get the L3P or L2P+. Another difference is the L3P has touch pads where the L2P+ and L2P have button controls.

Other than that I can’t really compare the L2P to the L3P.

What I can say is I prefer the L3P over the L2P+ because they are smaller and sound to my ears a touch more clear/defined. (I’m just talking slightly but they are noticeably smaller and lighter - 30 - 35% iirc). I also prefer the touch pads of the L3P (personal choice).

Noted with thanks

Just to confirm that soundcore app works the same for both L3P n L2P right? My concern is that I need to tune EQ differently for left vs right in custom hearID bcoz I have imbalance hearing.

Thanks all for above replies, I have confirmed with local seller it’s L2P+ version now in my country :pray: