Liberty 3 pro's issue

When I use either bud individually or both together
Google assistant gets activated. No clue why but it’s annoying. Anyone know a fix for this issue?

The support does!
Ask them they will help you, its their job!

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I do not have them but if you look in the app and see what function activates the assistant. My guess would be it is when you take them in or out as your hand may be hitting the function to activate it.

If it is random it could maybe be long hair if it is touch control… or etc…

Partly you may need to take not of when it is happening and what is happening when it does it as it could be an issue for support but it could also just be how it is set up.

Most have it as a 2 second push to activate. (so if laying on the couch and head hits the couch or pillow then it could be getting activated.

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