Liberty 3 Pro's. Long term review/I need help

I LOVE THESE!!! Omg I did not realize how good they sound till I really pushed them yesterday. I haven’t had an actual long listen session because of school/parents getting mad when I don’t hear them. These headphones have been my saviour, I have sensitive hearing and these have made going through the day so easy. I don’t exactly know the max Db allowed in passthrough but it’s perfect. The sound that these little guys pack is superior to my other headphones (JLab, Sony LS). My question is should I switch to Deezer or keep Spotify and wait for Spotify HiFi (promised dec 2021 still not delivered)


Grats on the buds and that you are loving them. Should do a longer review of them to state what you like or do not like about them.

I really like them as well. They are my favorite Earbuds. :+1: