Liberty 3 Pros, showing unavailable at moment at Amazon

Hopefully this is the precursor to Black Friday Deals being updated… My fingers are getting itchy to click buy!

Refresh… refresh…refresh…

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Btw, how many people use “Smile” at Amazon? Doesn’t cost you anything extra, but a donation is made to the charity of your choice when you purchase goods through the links (instead off

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(checks which country)

Ahh recognise Tewkesbury and remember you from the spell Nebula competition last year. You’ve got a different avatar here from Anker community

I have double-checked Amazon UK and I see the same not available on Amazon.

If you go to Soundcore site they show as available at RRP.

So my view is these are not actually unavailable as in it’s incorrect to say no stock. What they are doing is temporarily suspending allow to buy to then do a Black Friday deal on them. If they didn’t do that then it has caused in the past a “but I just bought them” where folks buy again and return original to get the discount. So this is the pre-discount non-buying period for Amazon. It helps reduce how many returns so and so how many refurbished sales later. Normally if they move discounts a little then it’s not worth bothering to return an item to get a little money back, but if you literally would save a lot of money, then you would, hence prior to a deep discount you want fewest sales. One way is to hold it at RRP for a period, another is to say not available.

So guess the discount, if they’re doing this now I’m going to say its 40%-50%. Finger in air is these Black Friday for £69.99 to £79.99. As these are very good buds, well reviewed, nearly universal positive comments, if it is a deep discount it will have to be a Flash Sale for limited quantity so just be aware.

Let’s see if I’m correct…


Yep, I use “Smile”, I’m not a huge spender, but at least my supported charity is earning a little from what I spend.

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Hoping so, and then hoping there’s not a delay in shipping.

Fingers crossed.

p.s. didn’t realise I have different avatar on Anker :grin:

I could be wrong but I have seen this before so guessing.

Stock is not an issue, but stock at the Black Friday price will be limited. They’d not want to sell until no stock as then someone who is will paying non-discount price then has to wait weeks, so they’ll be building up stock to then sell down to a normal sales period stock requirement.

Also under UK trading standards, they have to not quote a discount which is not true. i.e. they can’t sell for a long time at say 10% discount then sell for 40% discount saying 40% off when it’s really 30% off. So to make a future statement of, say, 40% off they have pre-empt by making it full price now.

As these buds are near universally liked, I’d expect either a limited discount - say 30% or a flash sale 40%-50% to limit quantity.

Guessing, but educated.

Showing as back in stock for amazon… which is annoying as I ordered from the soundcore website so I could use Klarna and they say now that there is a delay to next week. Pretty annoying as they use amazon for warehouse and dispatch. Spoke to anker customer service and they said that even though their stock is in Amazon’s warehouses and are available on amazon they have separate stock allocations for amazon sales and website sales :roll_eyes:

It is highly likely they are going to be discounted very soon. They stated when launched the £20 off is same discount as Black Friday which is indirectly stated it will be discounted and that time is very close.

I’ve looked at discounts starting tomorrow, no Soundcore in them so it’s more than a day off.

The tricky part is predicting how it’s discounted. They have 3 main ways, one is a voucher which is trickier to spot, another is they give out a discount code, or they do a straight discount. They can do flash sales but you typically have to be lucky to spot before gone.

When they do a discount they usually send an email out but it is done over hours, so some here will get it before others, and some never get the email.

So I can’t say when or how, but they did stated £120 Black Friday price.

Be alert. Probably with so many soundcore fans here someone will spot it and share soon after it’s known.

I have to say that was actually a fun little contest. It was different than the normal and had you to get creative.


I was house bound with a broken leg at the time. I did my best but didn’t win :frowning:

Yes a fun contest which the bots can’t do.

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Still fancy one of the projectors, but maybe higher resolution version, that was an awesome prize though.

Amazons Black Friday officially starts at midnight. Nothing of interest so far in early Black Friday deals unless you count the toilet seat so bought on a flush sale :rofl:


Flash sales aren’t published far ahead, you get <24 hours notice.

There’s nothing Soundcore tomorrow. That’s all we know.

Note in some years Anker decided to not get onto the Black Friday bandwaggon as they concluded they’d do deep discounts which would not get noticed in the crowd so they spread it out around other times of year. £120 L3P (what they said at L3P launch) is not a deep discount.

I seem to remember that it was stated that the Black Friday prices wouldn’t be lower than the launch price of $149.99. We will soon find out.

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You remember it correctly, I looked at the time and saw that. But I can’t find a screenshot though…so just have to believe us.

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Black Friday deals are live, but as people have confirmed, the L3Ps are not on sale… yet

Might just have to wait a bit longer

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Right wait. As actual Black Friday is actually a week away! Plus the technology discount day is usually Cyber Monday and is one day flash sales.

A lot of the other Soundcore products are on Black Friday sales at Amazon, but neither L2P or L3P are. Can wait a few more… seconds… :wink: