Liberty 3Pro with Bluetooth 5.2 and new codec LC3

The new earbuds feature the newest Bluetooth 5.2.
Bluetooth 5.2 (Bluetooth LE Audio) uses a new codec, the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3)
You can learn a lot about audio codecs from this article. The latest LC3 codec is discussed in detail.
At the end, we ourselves can hear and compare the operation of the CBC and LC3 codec (the earbuds are needed for this):
“Bluetooth Audio Codec Demonstration”


Thanks for sharing… it’s probably way over my head, but I will give it a read and try and get my head around it all.


I also don’t understand many things :worried:.
But the musical demonstration (probably with Mozart’s music) is very interesting, you can listen to it and compare it.
On my L2P, I heard the difference in sound quality.


Thanks for sharing. A nice technical review of BT 5.2


And before you know it 5.2 will be old tech before you know it

Thanks for sharing, It was interesting. Since my phone is 5.0, it doesn’t sound like I’ll benifit from anything I get higher than that, until I upgrade my phone.


Thanks for the share. Very interesting.


Bluetooth LE seems to have its own gig within the windoze architecture… I’ve seen antidotal stories of how it causes compatibility issues with some of the wireless products Soundcore makes.

Perhaps 5.2 overcomes this, whereas 5.0 stumbles?

Anyhow, good read :wink:

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“LC3 is a new low-power audio codec that provides high quality even at low data rates”
Maybe it will be better than LDAC - lower power consumption and low data rates with the same sound quality :clap:.

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Do I understand right that the Liberty 3 Pro would be able to use LC3 codec (along with SBC, AAC, and LDAC) with a phone with bluetooth 5.2?