Liberty 4 ANC not working

I recently started wearing my new Liberty 4 earbuds. I can’t get the Active Noise Cancelling feature to work. I have gone through all the troubleshooting in the app that is suggested. My ear tips fit snugly in my ears and I passed the fit test. I tried to set up Hear ID as well to see if there was any improvement. I get no difference in noise cancelling between off and ANC on. Any suggestions?

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You could ask the support.

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Typically that’s because your expectations are too high.

Soundcore’s ANC is only good at blocking bass sounds (rumbling, traffic etc) but not mid/high (voices).

You should find it blocks some sounds, it’s something better than nothing. If you want ANC buy Sony.

They are supposed to have good ANC. It’s surprising you don’t notice any difference. I’d contact Customer Support:

Did you find any solution to the anc not showing any effect? I feel like i have the Same issue!?

As stated by @The_Professor it may be dependent where you may be at and how it may or may not seem to be working.

Here is my best test that I had to know if they are working to cancel certain decibels. Go to your bathroom and turn on the bathroom fan. (Unless you got a real quiet fan, this should help)… Change the device from anc to ambient. If it is the same, contact support. If there is a big difference in volume then it is probably working correctly as the other potential noise is just higher than the noise it is canceling.

So the buds will be as good as the noise that is surrounding you.

Also make sure the buds are up to date in case there was a fix