Liberty 4 microphone

Can anyone suggest setting for better microphone?

I purchase liberty 4 and updated to latest framework, microphone is working very bed inside public transport(bus) and with outside noise. When ever I am recording voice msg or talking with people they complain about poor quality and very quite voice. Previously I had much cheaper buds from famous Chinese Brand which cost me 20 euro, microphone quality was better. In some YouTube reviews microphone testing was amazing, so I guess my settings are in correct.

Please ask the support, here is definitely no more support work done anymore.
We, the users, do no more support here, that’s the job of soundcore not ours.
We did this a lot in the past, but no more.

This place is absolutely “dead”
and not even visited by soundcore’s support team,
so contact them directly.

Sorry for the inconvenience and GOOD LUCK!

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Ohh, thank you.

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