Liberty 4 suggestions

Hello let’s make a thread with suggestions! Anyone welcome to add.

  1. option to add squeeze and hold as control.
  2. add option to edit in call controls like answer, hold, mute etc.
  3. add option to edit controls to each bud depending if it’s used single or dual.
  4. add connectivity option as shortcut as it’s difficult to located inside app when you need to add or change device.
  1. Sell it outside of USA
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Hi, @ctsitselis Thanks for letting us know your concern regarding the headphones in the future.

We understand your concern regarding our headphones, and I have already forwarded it to our product manager and maybe they will consider it in the next version.

Your reaching out helps us know what our customers are looking for, which in turn allows us to improve our products and services, so thank you again for writing. We promise to keep improving, and we’re so grateful for your support!

If there’s anything else that needs our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I am always here to assist you.

Have a nice day!

I agree with all the suggestions, and some of them might be already there, but the most important one in my opinion is the squeeze and hold for controls. It would be awesome if it can be modified also, but if it can’t I would like it more for switching between all 3 ambient sound controls.

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I’d like to have the ability to check each ear independently for frequency response variations between ears. My left ear would appreciate a little help :slight_smile:.

Also, I believe the standard SoundCore tuning sounded a whole lot better on the Liberty 3 Pro. I wish it back on the Liberty 4. :sleepy:

Other than that, they’re a great product.

Tell your suggestions the support.
They always like to realize those.

I have recently bought (From Italy) the Liberty 4 earbuds.
Overall quality is really great and sound too, a big step forward compared to Airpods pro and Galaxy Buds 2 for example.
I think there are some problems.

  • If you are on a call with the phone and you wear one (or both) buds, the call won’t automatically switch to the earbud (s) but you have to do it manually.
  • If you set transparency mode with a single bud, if you remove and you wear again the bud, mode will set back to “Normal” and not “Transparency mode” (as every other brand). Like the app forget the last setting.
  • Android Widget only works with both buds connected.

Tested on Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 3a.
I hope developers can do something to fix these annoying problems.


Unfortunately no one listens to the users.
Very good pair of buds but so many basic functions missing that make the experience and life hard.

No options to set a button to mute mic during call. Wtf?
No touch and hold option.
They don’t even listen to get the multiple connections option to the first page off the app so that we don’t have to make so many taps to change a device. so bad support.

They just don’t listen.

And they are not even consistent with their products.
I own the q35 and then I switch to the Liberty 4 and I have other default button behavior.

These things are so easy to fix. It’s a same

So many months passes and you haven’t even changed a button placement insider the app.
How difficult can it be to move the multiple devices options from the settings menu to the app homepage?
So bad support

Seriously, I am considering to return them back…
Support team told me they’re not issues or bugs and things won’t change.

Should i contact support team to ask for a refund?

Do that,

If you haven’t done already, add bill, model number ect. with you claim.
Good luck.

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