Liberty Air 2 battery life decreased

Today I upgraded the firmware of the earbuds to 04.29 and in my case, the battery life has significantly decreased from around 7 hrs to about 3.5 hrs
I use the both mostly connected to my pc.
What I’ve noticed is that the “battery low” alert always is played in the earbud that is “connected” to the pc (not the other one that is actually connected to the earbud connected to the pc).
Anyone having this same issue?

Appreciate your help!

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I have the same problem. After the firmware update, earbuds batteries discharged very fast. At most 3 hours from fully charged. Before update batteries discharged after 5 - 5,5 hour.

I’ve noticed (and Soudcore support confirmed) that this was because I’ve spent a considerable amount of time using the earbuds for calling using my pc. Since this also uses the microphone, the battery consumption is far more (around 40% more) than the music playtime. So that’s it for me so far.
Good luck!

This is what they told me for testing correctly.

Please fully charge the earbuds and test the playtime again at an average volume. Please also try to switch the main earbuds and then do the test again to see if the problem persists.

By switching the main earbuds, what I mean is as the earbuds support Master/Slave switch, both of them can pair to your phone as a master device. When the right earbud is master, the Bluetooth name is Liberty Air 2, when the left earbud is master the Bluetooth name is Liberty Air 2-L, you can choose to connect the other side and then try to use them again to see if the same problem persists.

The same here guys! I only use to listen music! The battery life drop drastic

I only listen to music. In rare situation i use them for phone call. I will reset them and re-pair and i will see if something changes.

The same after reset them. 2,5 - 3 hours with medium lvl volume. Battery life decreased at half after this firmware update.

My Liberty Air 2 also began to discharge faster at 04.29. The sound of music playback has also become worse. I can’t enjoy music like I used to.
I am very sad. Is it possible to return the previous firmware?

Contact support and tell them about the problem. They tell me that i could receive previous firmware if i want…

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Has successfully installed firmware 04.26. The sound became the way I like it. The sound on firmware 04.26 is really much better. And the battery is ok.

I didnt notice any change in sound quality( music listening) between these 2 firmware, but yes, when i rollback to 4.26, the battery keep much more. So, this confirm that the 4.29 firmware is buggy, despite better call quality and one touch controls.

How did you go about rolling back your firmware?

Contact support, ask them to send you 4,26 firmware and tell them why you want to revert…