Liberty air 2 connect to device

Is there a way to recoconnect to a secondary device without having to put the buds back in the case and pair them again? If not, do the pros have this issue?


Liberty Air 2 doesn’t support that and neither does Liberty Air 2 Pro

In this case, you could try to let your earbuds are in the status that making your two earbuds connect to the two different devices, which means that the every earbud are a seperate item, then it could be automatically reconnect to the device it is paried with.

1)Open the charging case and keep both earbuds inside, long press the button below the case for 3 seconds. The light on the right side will flashing quickly while the other side flashes slowly.
2)- Take the right earbud out of the charging case to pair it with the first device.
3) Keep the left earbud in the charging case and the charging case open. Hold the button on the bottom of the charging case for 10 seconds until the LED indicators on the left earbud flash red before breathing white.
4) Press and hold the button on the bottom of the charging case for 3 seconds until the left earbud’s light flashes quickly. You can now pair the left side with another device.

Please have a try.

If you disconnect them from one device you may be able to then connect to a different device.

To downside of pairing with two devices is you sometimes find them accidentally connected to two then you get random errors.

If the two paired devices are different Bluetooth versions you usually have to put in case anyway to make a reboot.

I see the method to pair each bud separately but be aware you then have to reset them again, delete pairings, to then get stereo back.

In general the most consistent reliable method long term is dedicated audio for specific devices as the accidental doesn’t then occur.

I often do switch between devices but I’m very focused on exactly what I’m doing. Some aren’t and then get into trouble.