Liberty Air 2 connected (no media)

I mainly connect my Liberty Air 2 to 3 devices:

  • My PC (Bluetooth 5.1, Intel AX200)
  • My laptop (Bluetooth 5.1, Intel AX201)
  • My phone (Bluetooth 5.0, Mi 9 Lite, Android 11)

On all of these device I have an annoying issue. On my phone sometimes it says ‘Connected (no media) | Active (phone)’. On my PC and laptop it sometimes says ‘Connected, calls’. So on my phone it will still play audio through the speakers and on my PC the quality just sucks. It happens once every 1-2 days

The only fixes I found are resetting them or connecting to Liberty Air 2 L instead of the normal one.

Pretty sure it’s a bug in the firmware (1.63), but is there anything I can try?

This is probably you having accident concurrent connection to multiple devices and/or you need to turn off then on when switching devices.

If resetting works then that’s just probably doing what you should be doing of disconnect at the device, disable Bluetooth of the device you just disconnected from, put buds in case, take buds out of case and then connect to next device.

Best of all is not use multiple devices to avoid the confusion.