Liberty Air 2 do Not disconnect

Hello Community,
The Liberty Air 2 connects normally when the tray is opened. After I put them back and close the tray, they disconnect and reconnect even though the tray is closed. Why? I do not want to have a permanent connection. When the tray is closed, there should no longer be a connection. Or is that normal? Thank you

Could be they are not seated proper in the case?

I have a different set, liberty pro 2, but haven’t notice similar with disconnect.

A lot of members here have the liberty air 2s, perhaps they can advise better.

I would check as stated that the bottom of the case is clean. Also look to make sure lint is not hitting the connection points in the case and earbuds as well.

If it it seems that it is still happening you should contact and express what is going on and what you have done. i figure they are fairly new earbuds and they should be under warranty depending on where they were bought (ie still have receipt)

There might be a setting in the app. I don’t have any app compatible product so can’t really help more