Liberty air 2 earbud connected but no sound from the left

As the title states my left earbud is connected, however, it has no sound. The touch commands work but I’m getting no sound. I know it is not due to them being dirty or the like, and they have never been dropped. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Process of elimination.

Are you totally sure it’s silent and not just quieter? Placing the quiet bud only in ear turn volume up to max and listen if any sound. A very common issue is wax is within, no external appearance of dirt. Soaking a cotton tip with hydrogen peroxide, applying gently, wait, then a clean tip to soak it back out, repeat, repeat, often fixes a quieter bud.

They may simply have got confused. Plug case into power, follow reset instructions. If reset doesn’t work then clean the case pins and the buds with isopropyl alcohol. The LA2 suffers more than most of dirt into the case you can’t see.

Your phone’s confused. Try a different phone.


Thanks for the suggestion. I should have said I have already cleaned it the way suggested, unfortunately, that did not work for either the pins or the earbud itself. I’ve tried a reset, a new phone, and a computer, yet still no sound at all from it.