Liberty Air 2 - external sound

Is it normal for other people to hear the sound of your Liberty Air 2? Or is this a sign that the eartip is not appropriate? I adjusted the eartip yesterday to a lower one than the one on the earpiece, and my wife complained that she could hear. In addition, I found the sound very faint, as if it were in the wrong place (away from the ear).


That would be a sign your using the wrong eartip. If your trying to find a combination that works, try larger or smaller earwings with the stock eartip

I agree with @tank. It is either a wrong eartip or you do not have Air 2 in your ear correctly. LOL Shake your head and if they fall out, it is probably not in there correctly. Check the instructions and it will show how to properly put them in. When you put them in are you turning them to “lock” them in or are you just putting them in.

Wow, it seems we need some special instructions and training to properly use all these new gen earbuds.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lol. I do not like those instruction manuals everybody provides. I would like that they would get rid of the instructions and just provide a QR code. This way the can provide better text instructions and less waste. Lol I may need to do a suggest topic on this. :slight_smile:

But then I need instructions on how to use QR codes…

Seriously, until 6 months ago when I got my new phone, I needed a separate app to read them, and had no idea when anyone thought they were a good idea. Better now that it is built into my phone camera app, but still not a huge fan.

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lol. @jercox… I give up on the QR code. You win. lol.


Hey @jercox, This got me thinking about my instruction books. So Soundcore does have a QR in their instructions as well as a website to those same instructions. The code/ site is at is at the end of the book past the instructions for different languages.


Is this the instruction that you´re talking?


At first glance that looked like a boat with a wake behind it, took me a minute to reorient and see what it really was.


I have already tested ANKER eartips and none have adjusted to make the sound as good as the earphone. The one that fit best was one of a Sony corded headset. I am thinking of buying other eartips. Does anyone know the size of the earpiece tip? 4 or 5 mm?