Liberty air 2 firmware install fails

Just received a replacement for my Liberty air 2. Everything connected and works great but I get a firmware update message on the app. Try to install it fails. Followed the instructions tried multiple times fails. Only message is it fails nothing about not connected. Don’t really want to do a total rest as everything works as is.
BTW These are on version 01.57 the update is 1.63.

None of the search hits help?


Only message is it fails nothing about not connected

Will throw out some random thought for you to try.

  1. Restart your device and try to install firmware
  2. keep the device and earbuds right next to each other
  3. Try a different device to download the firmware and update it from the other device. (You can turn off the BT, connect them to the other device and do the firmware update)

Since unsure of device, it may work better on a different device or different operating system (IOS or android)

You do need to do the exceedingly obvious steps of reset everything.

The reset required the data profile of Bluetooth to be working. Half the issue is your phone so you’ve got to put in as much effort on the phone side of reset. We post this dozens of times any search will tell you.

Delete pairings.
Disable phone Bluetooth.
Delete Android cache. Boot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. Or settings, apps, system processes, Bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.
Reset buds.

No thanks with leave as is.

Hmmm this is the second person having issues with the new firmware update maybe message support just so they are aware of this problem in case it is more widespread

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