Liberty air 2 issue

Hello foolks

I notice that when a receive incoming calls the earbuds disconnected than reconnect agin within 5 sec and the pronuncing the calling name features is not working, im not sure if it a defect issue or its not compatible with iphone 8 plus.

Thank you

Try to reset them

As far as I know, these airbuds do Not announce phone calls regardless what device you are using. Yes you will hear it ring with the earbud but caller name or number is not announced.

Only 1 earbud is connected for mic pickup when on phone calls hence the brief disconnect and reconnection. It is best to choose 1 earbud for phone calls and place the other one inside the case and close the lid. …as per the facts listed on for the Liberty Air 2

Thank you all for the clarification, the touch also is not responsive if we compare it to the previous version.

Touch controls is always finicky for certain people. It can work great for some and be problematic for others. I always chalked it up to being an issue if whether someone was hot or cold…kinda like mood rings in that how well it worked depended on if you were hot or cold

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Now we have earbuds with mood swings? Already have wifeeey for that, no thanks :rofl:

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