Liberty air 2 left earbud do not stay in ear

I have been using the soundcore liberty air 2 for almost a month. Really disappointed as the left earbud does not stay in the ear. Within minutes l, it falls out of the ear. Tried all the tips included in the box but no benefit. The right one doesn’t fall.
I have used the 1st gen Liberty air for many months and both earbud fit perfectly. They only reason to upgrad to second generation was the ability to use left earbud when right one will be low on battery.
Does anyone else is facing the same issue? If so, did someone find a solution??

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I don’t have any issues with them. Try cleaning the eartips- that usually helps.


You do know about locking in!

You put the bud in and turn it into position.

This is called locking in, and really helps to keep the bud in place.

I had that issue with the first liberty airs but not so much with this one. I also lock them in place as macblank has stated.

I assume you know about the locking in as you had another pair. . I would follow what @TechMan suggestion. The best of a worst case would be to if earbud tips off the old pair worked on the newer ones

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