Liberty Air 2 Left earbud not turning on?


I’ve just received my Liberty Air 2 earphones. They’re fully charged in their case (three white dots, no blinking) but when I open the case only the right one seems to come to life blinking white. The left one stays off.

I’ve tried the reset button but it’s done nothing. Anything I can do, or…?

Did Searching not find an answer? image

No, it hadn’t because there is literally one other thread with this problem and it provides no solution. But thanks.

To add, I received these this morning so they’re literally new.
The case is fully charged and has been for hours now.
I’ve checked and there’s nothing blocking the pins, no debris in the case and nothing blocking the pins. I’ve tried to move the earbud around to see if I can force a connection and it doesn’t work. The touch feature doesn’t seem to work. The earbud remains dead.

I’ve contacted support, we’ll see if their answer has any solution.

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The most common issue is the reset didn’t work. Keep trying to reset, it is a long reset 10 seconds.

Once you’re sure you’ve actually reset, a few attempts, then it’s likely a failing unit and so

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If resetting them does work then I would reach out to the support team you can email or call them. They will then either offer solutions or if still under warranty they will replace them if it is deemed a faulty unit. Sorry that they aren’t working for you

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I’ve had this issues with other Soundcore TWS and other brands is to the follow the official reset procedure. I once had to do it 3 times before I was able to get the earbuds to turn on. If that doesn’t work I contact support and see if they can help.

Most times you may get a response pretty quickly but since it is the weekend, you most likely will get a response during the first couple of days.

Thank you everyone! I tried resetting them so many timed I’ve lost count. Ended up phoning support and they walked me through various steps, and nothing worked. So my warranty is being processed, I’ve sent them back to them and hopefully they’ll send me a new pair with a working left earbud.

Disappointed, as Anker/Soundcore has never caused me any issues, but I guess there’s always bad luck.

no reason to be disappoint, you’re getting a fast support resolution.

Sometimes it happens with any brand. The bright side is helpfull support.

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Well, this was laughable. I received a replacement that consisted of an empty box!

As you can see, the plastic was covered in greasy fingerprints and the box had obviously been tampered with. Whoever took the case and headphones kindly left the cable and manuals, just in case I guess. The outsider packaging was intact, too, so whatever happened happened before it was packaged for the mail!

Needless to say I’ve gotten back to customer service/support. But to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.