Liberty Air 2 Left Earbud Not Working

I can’t get any sound out of the left earbud except the connect tones. I hear the three rising tones indicating that it’s connected, but nothing after that. I’ve tried resetting the earbuds multiple times and connected it to different devices (Android and Windows) to make sure it wasn’t the device. If I connect just the left earbud, so that only Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L is connected, I don’t hear anything after the connect tones. If I pull the right bud out of the case after the left bud is connected, even though the left bud is primary, I can hear sound out of the right bud. If I pull the right bud out first, making it primary, I can hear sound out of the right bud, but still not the left. Any ideas?

If Android phone then wipe the bluetooth cache.

Delete pairing on phone
Disable phone bluetooth
Reset the buds in the case with power connected
Wipe cache. Either settings, apps, system processes, bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot. Or reboot to recovery, wipe cache, boot.

Let us know if works / fails, so we know if trick worthwhile repeating to others or not.

Unfortunately, it did not work. I ended up going through live chat support and doing an RMA to replace them after trying this.

Sounds like you had a faulty unit. Glad they took care of you!