Liberty Air 2: Lost my left bud on the first day I got them - Do anker sell single replacement buds?

I just got bought these as an early Christmas gift. Opened them up and was stunned by how great they were, I was over the moon - a really thoughtful and excellent gift as I love audiobooks and podcasts.

Charged them up and used them on my walk to meet a friend. Some young idiot cycling illegally on the pavement smacks into me as I’m walking around the corner. I stumble and the left earbud came out and falls - to my horror - straight into a drain in the gutter. Kid on the bike shoots off as he realises I’ve lost something down there due to his stupid mistake.

I’m absolutely devastated. Please tell me Anker do replacement buds as Apple and others do!

Your best bet is to contact support at

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Should have taken his bikes, just kidding. Good luck on securing the pair again.

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Thanks, I have done this already and still waiting for a reply. I decided to post here too in case someone in the community has experienced something similar and had an answer immediately available.

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Thanks man, to be honest the bike didn’t look like it was worth the cost of the earbuds! So heartbroken, it was genuinely the best present I’d had in years, ruined by someone being totally careless and not even stopping to check that I was okay.

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Those things happen.
Be happy you lost an earbud only, those kind of accidents could have very bad injuries.

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This is true, I’m thankful that I didn’t get more seriously injured. However I’m not a rich guy and this present meant a lot to me, so its hard not to be sad about it.

Worst fear of this type of headphone for me. Except it wouldn’t take a bike accident, mine would just fall in the sewer at random.

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look at the bright side of this. You still have one earbud to use.

Were you able to get a new earbud? I’ve lost one and am hoping to get a replacement.

Hi Amy,

Unfortunately not. I have written to the company, written to various users and scoured ebay. The company don’t do replacements and the 1 seller on Ebay occasionally has them, but right now only has Liberty Air originals (not compatible with Liberty Air 2’s. Havent been able to find someone willing to sell me left earbud, so I’m stuck with my one right one!

So I have an idea that may benefit one of you. @PatrickLBA2 and @Amy_Baker both have an earbud. If one is left and the other is right then you can make a trade or something. They may be mixed matched color but at least one of you would have a set lol.

With that said, I would not be sure how they would potential pair up together depending on your device. I think some devices (older ones) may cause the rt earbud to communicate with the left to piggy back on the right side connection. It being two different ones, I am not sure if it has a slight frequency difference than others and could not be paired together, or if you reset them in the case, if that pairs them together that way.

Hey @Amy_Baker and @PatrickLBA2…Guys I have also lost my right liberty air 2 earbud…If u want my left side or want to send me yours in case you are not using yours or you bought a new one please contact me on

P.s: Mine is of black color

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You should have bought Mpow buds, they are sold separately on Amazon, they also have a better bass

So I made a mistake in my post. I have the second generation of Liberty Air, not Liberty Air 2s (I know, confusing right). So therefore if you’re looking for a replacement right Soundcore Liberty Air earbud then I’m here, and if you need a right LBA2 then there are others in this thread who need them.

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