Liberty Air 2 - Low Battery Warning. Too LOUD!

As I’m using my Liberty Air 2’s more and more (to drown out the home schooling my wife is doing for our two boys) I’ve noticed the Warning for the ‘Low Battery’ is damn loud!

Each time it happens, it makes me jump out of my skin!

My Suggestion is, could the voice either be softened, or made quieter, maybe 50% quieter! As the music gets muted in that ear, it doesn’t need to be so loud!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that several people have asked about that through different devices. So you are not alone.

That’s my complain with my Spirit Dot 2 as well. The battery notification is just too loud on all their earbuds. I hope the app compatible earbuds get a firmware update soon

Maybe this could be a setting in the app. Cos when I’m out and about I cannot hear the sounds that indicate ANC/transparency/normal on my LA2Ps, so I’d actually want such sounds louder :sweat_smile:

Agreed. It’s too loud.

I have a similar complaint with my Q30 when switching ANC modes via the button. The “noise cancelling” and “transparency” prompts aren’t too bad, but I always feel like the voice is yelling “Normal” at me lol.

But at least I’m expecting it because I’m pushing the button. A sudden low battery alert would probably make me jump too if it was too loud.

I don’t feel it’s way too loud.

It is way too loud. It makes me jump every time “BATTERY LOW!!!”…calm down, we get it.