Liberty Air 2 microphone much worse after going into call effect settings

Hi! I have Liberty Air 2 with 4.30 firmware and I’ve noticed that call quality after hard resetting them is much better than after choosing one of call effects in Souncore app. When I hard reset them (unpair both, turn them into charger with open lid, hold bottom button for 10 sec. until red lights on headphones lights up and pair them again) and do not go into call effect settings, the background noise cancelling is so much better, but when I go into call effect settings, no matter if I choose call effect 1 or call effect 2, the noise cancelling feature is so bad. Could you please fix this? My temporary solution for now is to hard reset headphones and not going to call effect settings page. If you want I have two records, which I can share with you - one after hard reset without going to call effect settings page and one after going to that settings page.

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Keep the call effect setting off until this is fixed in a future firmware update

Could anyone from Soundcore ack that the problem will be told to devs? I really appreciate, that you’re trying hard to make your products better and better and sometimes firmware upgrade gives some great features, but unfortunately from time to time it delivers also some bugs. I’ve written the post so that other people, who has problem with call quality, knows that there’s workaround of that problem.

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I still haven’t updated my liberty air 2 to this day and they work great, hope the problem your experiencing will be fixed

Hi, would you mind to share the recordings please? I am having a similar issue, I want to compare with some of my recordings as well. Thanks