Liberty Air 2 Not Pairing

When I go to pair my earbuds with my phone, both LEDs light up and only the right earbud will send the pairing request. The right earbud will connect, leaving the left blinking like its waiting to connect, and play as normal; but if it is put back in the case and turned on again it is still paired, but will not connect. I have tried resetting both phone and earbuds. My other pairs of LA2 are pairing correctly to my phone and others.


Sounds like you have taken the correct steps to try and troubleshoot the issue.

Have you tried “forgetting” the Bluetooth connection on the phone, then resetting the budsonce more and then trying to pair again?

If so, maybe time to contact and explain your issue to them.

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There are so many possible causes let’s go back to the basics.

You didn’t mention your phone.

  • check inside the case for debris (if exists, interferes with reset)
  • clean the pins inside the case, and the buds, with isopropyl alcohol, let it dry.
  • Check case charging port for debris.
  • plug power into case, using known to work cable and charger, as sometimes the case is confused and cannot fix itself while on it’s battery, keep it connected, and insert now the dried buds into case.
  • delete all bluetooth pairings you can think of everywhere, e.g. you said “others” - each pairing will interfere with next steps. Previous pairings interfere with reset steps below.
  • delete your phone’s pairing
  • turn phone bluetooth off
  • if Android, reboot to recovery, wipe cache (not data), boot. If iPhone just turn phone off, wait, turn on.
  • reset the buds while in case, which now has power and cleaned pins
  • wait a minute, do not attempt to pair while reset is finishing.
  • pair just with phone.
  • test

Cleaning the pins worked, thank you!


Good to know!

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Hi @Katana7, I’m sorry to hear about your Liberty Air 2. I understand you have tried some methods, please confirm the following complete tips to see if they help or not:

  • Forget/ignore the pairing records for the headphones (both Liberty Air 2 & Liberty Air 2-L) on your device (phone/tablet/etc.) and turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Reset the earbuds using the following steps:
    Place the earbuds back into the charging case and keep the case open.
    Tap and hold the button at the back of the case for 10 seconds until both earbuds’ LED lights flash red 3 times.
    –> After the reset, you will see the white light flashes quickly on the one earbud and the light flashes slowly on the other side, which means they pair together.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your device again, search for the Liberty Air 2 (not Liberty Air 2-L) and pair the device.
  • Note: When there is a pop-up window for you to confirm pairing. Select “pair”. If you select “cancel” accidentally, you need to forget the earbuds from the device’s Bluetooth history and re-pair the earbuds.
  • Also note: Once successfully paired, the primary earbud connects with your device and transfers the signal to the secondary earbud, the latter one will not connect with your device. As a result, in the Bluetooth pairing list on your device, it may indicate that only one side is connected while the other side is not.
  • Please try with another device (phone/tablet/etc.) and see if the issue is the same.

If it didn’t help you out, please drop an email to and our technical team would help you with this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks for helping but did you read post 4?

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Sorry I didn’t notice the post 4 earlier. So glad to notice that. :smile:

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