Liberty Air 2 not staying connected to Galaxy S10e

Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for keeping my liberty air 2 buds connected to my galaxy s10e. At first they were great, connected right up as soon as I pulled one or both out of the case (I use just one side a lot bc I use my headset overwhelmingly for calls). However, when I connected them to a Windows 10 machine, for one thing the sound was super lossy, like useless, like I was missing 50% of the sound. Also, after that they wouldn’t stay connected to my phone unless they were set for calls and audio (instead of just calls). Now they straight up will not stay connected to my phone (like at all). I just got them Sunday, and I’m super disappointed bc at first I was really impressed with them all around and very happy with my purchase. If I can’t get this sorted out quick, I’ll have to return them, which would be a bummer. There’s just too much competition for an issue like this. Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

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Try this first. Delete the Bluetooth connection on phone also and laptop.

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No dice, but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Are they taking charge and are fully charged? I have had issues with a pair of mine (comparable), in the case but not charging when I think they are.

On you computer, depending on what you need (calls or audio), there should be 2 options. Hands free and stereo. Hands free cuts mic off when not speaking and can cause bad audio quality.

With my liberty 2 pros, I use stereo, and then use the laptop mic for speaking, when using teams for calls. Works pretty good.

Good luck.

I thought @Unnamed post video would have done it. So, put the earbuds in the case, unpaired the laptop/pc, and the phone. Now turn off Bluetooth On both devices. Do the reset as shown, turn on one Bluetooth and pair, turn that one-off and the other on and pair the other

Listening to audio on laptop make sure audio is turned on in Bluetooth setting (cog wheel). If you are doing conference then the mic is your setting. You may had mic setting on and trying to listen to audio and others have said it may sound not as good.

May want to turn off the Bluetooth to the device you are not using as they may be conflicting with your pairing.

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Thanks for your help, guys. I tried all of your suggestions, but I still can’t use just the left bud anymore, which I was able to do initially. Also, when it newly connects after reset, it defaults to calls and audio (which makes sense), but as soon as I toggle audio off, it disconnects completely. Just not good enough. I’m disappointed, but I need to return them. Thanks again for everyone’s help! :slight_smile:

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Contact support here

I agree to call services. I am not sure of what the latest version of samsung is but it could be an issue too

Have you dropped them or is there any signs of damage.