Liberty Air 2 not working with Oneplus Nord,8,8pro devices

I brought my new liberty Air 2 buds recently. It is working fine while listening to music, but no audio while take calls. I did checked with multiple devices, only issues with Oneplus Nord,8,8Pro devices.
Can someone help me how to fix this issue. Seller refused to return this buds, because it is working fine with all other devices.

Firmware version: 1.53

@Duane_Lester @TechMan I think this is a double post cause I believe I just answered this in the support section as well

also here was my answer from the other thread just to try to be helpful

Hey, I’m sorry you are experiencing problems. However, I don’t think it’s a soundcore issue. From a quick google search it seems like this is a one plus issue that they have with a huge variety of headphones. You could try to reset the Bluetooth on the phone and resetting the earbuds as well and seeing if that helps. Otherwise, I am not sure how to help because I believe it is an issue with one plus and not soundcore. Hope you have a great weekend!

I checked his profile and he did have 2 of the same post. I have closed this one.

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I thank you for the catch. The family was doing a little hiking

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