Liberty Air 2 not working with Oneplus Nord, 8, 8pro mobiles

I brought my new liberty Air 2 buds recently. It is working fine while listening to music, but no audio while take calls. I did checked with multiple devices, only issues with Oneplus Nord,8,8Pro devices.
Can someone help me how to fix this issue. Seller refused to return this buds, because it is working fine with all other devices.

Firmware version: 1.53

Hey I’m sorry you are experiencing problems. However I don’t think it’s a soundcore issue. From a quick google search it seems like this is a one plus issue that they have with a huge variety of headphones. You could try to reset the Bluetooth on the phone and resetting the earbuds as well and seeing if that helps. Other wise I am not sure how to help because I believe it is an issue with one plus and not soundcore. Hope you have a great weekend!

I’m not Android user but I read in a thread that you have to set output of audio to the earbuds. It’s somewhere in the settings but make sure you are routing your audio from calls to Liberty Air 2

I’m not 100% sure if this is the solution to your problem but worth checking out

I don’t contain a full complete help, but partial.

Under Android latest versions you have to select for calls under the Bluetooth audio pairing.

This allows for buds to be paired and connected to two devices at once, one for media and calls, the other for only media only. So a phone+tablet example where you can listen to media from tablet but a call comes to phone. This overcomes many buds limitations of not able to connect to two devices at the same time.

Android wont let you do this for everything. Concentrate on all of your pairings, good idea to delete all pairings and only pair to one phone and one non-phone (tablet).

Screenshot off my OnePlus, see the phone calls selected.

It’s not always enabled by default.

On my OnePlus phone I have this phone calls enabled, on my tablet its not enabled.

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I have OnePlus 8 Pro and the buds work perfectly

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M facing the same issue liberty pro is not working with 8pro but works with other devices just fine

did the issue solve yet for you on Oneplus 8pro with liberty Air2?