Liberty air 2 or Liberty pro

I’ve been searching the web for a pair of decent TWS headphones and I’ve come to the conclusion that Liberty AIr 2 were the right fit. The reason I didn’t go for the pro was for the high price tag, however, Cnet is currently offering a coupon for 40$ off, so the air 2 and the pro are pretty much the same price.
Could anyone give a solid recommendation to either? I use a galaxy s8+, I will mostly use the headphones while working out in the gym (no running), traveling, and riding on my bike. Calls are a huge deal for me, and it’s half the reason I decided on one of these headphones.
Few things I didn’t find a clear answer to online:

  1. is the white noise issue still a problem with the pro?
  2. are there hand gestures for the pro? can you change tracks/answer calls etc from touching the buds?

I will add that I am not from the States and a friend of mine is buying them for me next week while he is on his trip, this means returning them is probably impossible.

Thanks for the help!

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I have the pro version and they are fantastic…yes I do get that dreaded white noise hiss when I’m not listening to music or have the volume a little lower. Honestly it drives me crazy! I really hope they fix it with an update. Yes they do have the button controls on the earbuds…very easy and convenient to use. You can switch between controls with the app…volume control…skip Trac etc. They are very comfortable and secure. I get zero fatigue as wear them for hours on end. The sound is impressive…very well done. Especially with all the different eq settings in the app. Please fix the hiss! :laughing:

Hold out for the Liberty 2 Pro’s if they’re not available in your region, they’ll be worth the wait!!!

If your using them for the gym, I would hold off on getting the pros and go for the Spirit X2 as those have sweatguard technology and ipx 7 rating. The liberty pro only has ipx 4 which is just barely water resistant and no sweat protection, as we all know sweat is more damaging than water.

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Have a link?

It’s through Amazon, promo code CnetLt2P