Liberty Air 2 Pro $99.99


$10 off is not a bad price!

Be 30 dollars off as the air 2 pro retail for 129.99

Sorry, I glanced at it and thought it was the L2P.

Good price, it probably won’t be cheaper …

All good buddy I kinda figured that lol!!! I don’t have the air 2 pros I can’t do stem style earbuds but the l2p are the best earbuds made for sound and volume level and other things mine have worked flawlessly everyday since Dec 2019

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Nice deal @Pantera43 seems these have been quick to be on sale.

Do you have any special settings for the Liberty 2 Pro?
How often do you clean them with heavy use?

Wow nice to see these discounted so soon

great discount on these pretty quick

I do my best to clean my eas before using them so in 15 months I’ve never actually cleaned them and I literally use them 6 days a week for 6 to 10 hrs per day!! Only thing I’ve done is take tips off and blow on the end of earbud if lil earwax got in there lol but like I said I tend to clean my ears regular and have had no issues!!!

Ok, thanks for the answer - they say in the manual that you have to (if I remember correctly) once a week. I was wondering if it makes any sense when I use L2P 1-2 hours a day and take care of my ear hygiene every day.
Thanks for the message - I won’t worry about that now.