Liberty Air 2 Pro - ANC in mono mode - possible?


Just got my Liberty air 2 pro, replacing the life p2 I was with for about two years.
I used to use them in mono mode a lot when around other people or when I wanted to hear traffic (e.g. cycling). While I am happy with transparent mode, I do wish to continue using mono from time to time. However, it seems that in mono mode only “normal” mode is enabled, so no ANC and no transparent mode are available. This makes sound quality substantially lower.

Is there any workaround?

Well if you take both of them out of the case or just leave the case open (with one still in there) it seems to work, but I believe then the 1 bud you have in your ear won’t play in Mono (I’m not positive about the Mono part). I’m testing right now and with one still in the case, but the case open, ANC is working (I can switch between modes). Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I figured this out, but it’s not super practical when for example cycling. Seems like a minor software blindspot that should be easy to fix though, if anyone is listening…

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I understand. You could always just put one in your pocket, bike seat bag, etc, but then you risk the chance of either losing it or damaging it. It’s all I could think of on short notice. You could always contact Customer Support and mention it to them.

Personally, I have set 2 different Custom EQ’s. One for Normal Mode and one for ANC because of the EQ shift. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Definitely a big drawback in my opinion!

Android let’s you set Bluetooth to mono.

I think it could be what we all at my work when designing software improvements.

If someone wanted a change and 90 percent want it, the change will happen.

The assumption is that if you want one earbud then you want to hear the outside world. Tbus no anc
Contact to see about getting that added. If others have done it then they will be more likely to do

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@Duane_Lester Thanks. I understand the assumption and guess it’d apply to many cases. I am particularly thinking about cycling: I can’t allow myself to fully disconnect, but I want to be able to clearly hear my podcast. With ANC in one ear and nothing in the other, I get exactly that. Without ANC the ear doing the podcasting still gets a lot of the ambient noise.

I’ll write them.

There’s no valid reason for ANC not to be per bud independently as it’s sensing within each bud.

There’s no valid reason for one bud not to be mono, but you can also in Android developer mode change audio to mono.

So the only reason why not is not yet a feature which can be fixed in firmware, but the best time to get features is when product is flagship as soon a newer better earbuds will be out which gets priority attention.

I hope that is something that they will consider to do as a firmware fix. The worse case is to have the other earbud carried on your person somewhere. I would not want to do that as there is always the chance that the other bud would get lost.